20 comments on “The heat is over! Hurrah!

  1. You and Wellington in New Zealand both… Not that there’s important cricket being held up there or anything.

    • 😀 and the (controversial) Formula 1 Grand Prix was here in Melbourne this weekend, I bet it was far more interesting than usual with the introduction of a wet track!

      • I gave up on Formula 1 being too dull many years ago. Dull men driving unreasonable cars. So even the controversy passed me by… Sorry.

        • That is pretty much the feeling here too. The reason it is controversial here is that nobody really cares about it, and attendence is falling, yet the govt still insists on paying millions of dollars to Bernie Ecclestone for the privilege of holding it every year. Surely those millions would be better spent on health, education, the arts……or just given to me! 😉

    • I am sitting here in jeans and boots and wrapped in a cardy. A far cry from the shorts and t-shirts that have been our uniform for so long! It is lovely 😀

      • I can imagine! I’ve begun to look forward to being chilly again – the last time was in Venice, November 2011 – but that was only for a week – lets hope I don’t tire of it before winter’s over!

        As to your heat, the Environmental show last night said that 2012 was your driest, hottest, most extreme weather overall in recorded history – a portent of things to come, the scientists say.

        • It is strange, I know that statistically it has been the hottest summer on record, but I’m sure that it hasn’t been as unpleasant as summers past. Maybe I am becoming more tolerant of it as I age. I doubt it though, it would be the only thing I have become more tolerant of! 😉

          I bet moving to the cold weather will be a bit of a change to you from your tropical paradise. 🙂
          I guess it all depends on how you look at it doesn’t it? I look at it as foggy mornings, yummy soups and stews, crackling fires and I love it. I have friends that look at it as cold and miserable and not being able to do stuff outside, they need to get over it! 😀

          • Well, i agree with you. Take it from me, after living five years in a tropical paradise, the same old same old becomes a bit boring. The changing seasons, and all the other changes that need to go along with them add richness to our lives, and the opportunity to do different things! 🙂

  2. Your pic does look like a raindrop universe 🙂 Sydney has hit its Autumn stridce… yay… nights and early mornings as of yesterday have a definite nip but both weekend days were very warm but windy which is unusual. I enjoy the change of seasons, like you, it’s good to have a change of attire and food. Many are speculating because of the proper hot wet summer we had we’ll have a proper cold dry winter, so we’d better be careful what we wish for 😉

    • The Man and I were discussing the seasons just the other day, wondering that this record hot summer will be followed by a record cold winter, or if we will be having a warm one. I’m hoping for the cold wet option, we need to keep filling those dams up.
      I have just stopped complaining about the heat, soon I will be whining about stacking firewood!

      I love the fact that we can start wearing cool weather clothes. My natural coating is jeans, black t-shirt and motorbike boots. When I have to shed that skin and go to shorts and thongs (although I can never get rid of the black t-shirt) it takes some getting used to! So glad to trade the thongs for boots this morning 😀
      I am looking forward to getting back to some proper cooking soon too, I love a salad but I am getting sick of them now. It has been too hot to have the stove/oven on all afternoon, although I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now! 🙂

  3. You do realise Metan that the UK sit and read this and think you and my friend the Wanderlust gene are both doolally tap. What, they actually WANT cold and rain??? Just because they’ve had summer. I suppose it’s because our summer is pretty much like the winter these days, full of cold an rain. Well I’m glad you have what you wanted and I hope ACFlory has it too so that maybe she can stop fretting about bush fires.
    You all give me a lot of pleasure with your posts even if I don’t understand your taste in music or half the words you use. xxxx Hugs to you all xxxx

    • Blimey! You mean you don’t understand what I’m rabbiting on about? Sorry about that cobber! 😉
      Thanks to my English Grandparents I always know what you are on about, doolally tap is what my nan used to say. 😀
      I am glad you enjoy my posts, I love reading your happy ones, especially when you are in as good a mood as you were today!

      Cold and rain are very welcome after the heat we have been suffering through lately, if only we could send a little warm your way and take our share of your cold for ourselves. Compared to you we don’t really know what cold is though, do we?

  4. Those rain drops are really cool. Great capture.

    Glad the weather has cooled down. Forecast more snow here overnight. Be careful what you wish for 😉

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