25 comments on “Step away, nothing to see here…..

  1. Know what you mean! Here it’s most often like that – why, yesterday evening I was limping along, writing and downloading at snails pace when all of a sudden there was no bandwidth whatsoever! Other times I think i’ll finesse the thing and work during the sleepless morning hours, and then too, it’ll drop right off – can’t seem to win! Interesting to note there’ll be nothing new there when I get back home 🙂

    • It is so frustrating isn’t it 😦 The most annoying thing to me is that the gauge tells me I have 4 out of 5 bars of service, nevertheless it can’t even check my emails!
      Yep, when you get back to Australia you will still feel right at home 🙂
      (this is my third attempt at posting this reply grrrrrr…..)

  2. Are you on ADSL Metan? I may have a possible, relatively cheap solution. I have 2 landlines to the house. 1 is just for phone calls, the other is just for ADSL. The ADSL line costs me $22/mth with Telstra and my connection is good enough for both the Daughter and I to be online, playing games at the same time. I feel your pain. 😦

    • Not ADSL, I have a usb wireless stick. I don’t want internet that can’t come with me when we go camping so I’ll have to just put up with the crappy reception 😦

      As I commented to Wanderlust Gene above, the most annoying thing is the way it tells me I have four of five bars of reception and it still can’t summon up enough oomph to check for email…. I almost chucked the laptop in the car today and went driving in search of better internet to check for those jammed up emails!
      Oh well, having to pack it in early today meant I did more housework than normal, probably not a bad thing! 😉

      • Ah I see. lol You are a determined woman, that’s all I can say. Hopefully the tech will improve in years to come. To be honest I had no idea there even were such things as usb wireless sticks. I might check them out as I don’t have wi-fi at all and all my kindle books have to be downloaded to my pc first and then copied across to my kindle. A major pain.

        • Can’t you turn on the wireless on in the menu on your kindle and use it that way? When I buy books for my kindle I turn on the wireless and it uses the mobile phone (whispernet*) system to get to the Amazon store without connecting to my computer at all, I wouldn’t even know how to wirelessly connect it to my computer! (It doesn’t cost anything unless you go somewhere other than Amazon.)

          One really frustrating thing about my internet thingo is that we can be out in the middle of nowhere, miles from an aerial, and it works better than it does in my house! Aaarrgh!

          *I dunno what whispernet is, I just know that is what the instructions call it! 😉

          • We don’t have a wifi connection! It’s all done with cables. That’s why your USB plug thingie has me interested. Trust me, I haven’t got a clue what whispernet is either. lol

          • If a mobile phone gets reception the kindle connection will work too (if it is a wifi one). Try turning the wireless on and seeing if it gets any bars of reception. We don’t have any wifi in the house, the usb is like its own mobile phone and aerial working independently.

          • I hate it at home but I love it everywhere else 🙂 I can take my laptop anywhere and still be online. We have been on holiday and I have posted my daily entry from the front seat of the car while the Man is driving, or sitting under the trees with my feet up in the bush!
            I think of it as an extra-fat usb stick with a mobile phone crammed into it 😉


  3. I would write something, but you won’t be able to read it, so there is no point in me writing anything!! 🙂 Hope your technology weekend was fun!

    • It is Sunday night and I have finally got something that seems like a connection…. now I have mentioned it out loud I might just jinxed it though!

      • Well I have been told it is out of the ICU! But still not receiving visitors. Lol. I have a friend fixing it for me. It will be 2 weeks I have been without it! I am getting proficient on the iPad but not the same.

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