25 comments on “Eureka!

    • It certainly is. I got double the pleasure out of it, once by finding it myself and a second wave when he came back with it and was so excited too. 😀

  1. There I was ready to ask what you were going to do with the egg after leaving it and there you go telling me. Why not have a cockerel visit so you can get some eggs to make more chooks ? I’m sure the boys would enjoy selling them and son #2 gets the benefit too. With this one, I’d just put a cadbury’s cream egg in an eggcup as I’m sure you’ll hear no complaint. xx Hugs xx

    • I have thought of getting a rooster but don’t think I could stand the cock-a-doodle-doo all day, I doubt I would be too popular with the neighbours either! Actually, four chooks is enough for us and I think we may have trouble keeping up with the egg eating once they all get going, we won’t need any more!

      I think a creme egg might be the perfect thing to make up for him not being able to eat it himself. I have invented lots of treats in his life when he mnisses out on eggs, one day we were all having eggs in our dinner and he was feeling a bit sad at missing out. I sneakily put a handful of jelly snakes on the side of his dinner to make up for it and he was completely thrilled. We don’t usually keep lollies in the house so this was hugely unexpected, I think it nearly gave him a heart attack! 😀

  2. I would love a couple of free range chooks but my Husband keeps insisting they’ll attract rats (but then so did feeding the parrots in our garden) and then the rats will attract snakes…….my chronic phobia 😦

    • They are very entertaining, it is like having a group of old ladies living at the bottom of the garden. They are a great pet, if you want to socialize they are happy to be with you and if you leave them alone they are just as happy as long as there is food available.

      I make sure I put their pellets away each night so as not to attract mice and rats but I think the parrots will do just as much to attract them as anything else. I worry about the snakes too, but keeping the ground cleared and the strewn about food to a minimum will probably do much to keep them away. I figure the snakes are everywhere anyway, they just don’t really want to hang around with us if they can avoid it. My biggest worry is forgetting to lock them up in the evening and them attracting the fox!

      • wow, I forget sometimes that introduced pests are also a very English feature of Australia, I’d never thought about foxes, but I’m not sure we actually have as many here in Brisbane?…..see plenty of wild rabbits though!

        • If you have plenty of rabbits I suspect that the reason you don’t see foxes is because they are too well fed to bother showing their faces to humans! We have plenty of foxes here so I really have to keep an eye on the chooks of an evening.

        • It is very nice to go out to the garden and gather up an armload of things and make dinner with them. Things grown in the garden taste so much nicer than even the best shop bought vegies.
          For a while Number 2 was going out each morning to the raspberries and collecting enough to put in a container and take to school with him. That was very satisfying to see 😀

          I keep telling myself things like that when I am hacking away with a pickaxe to break up resistant soil for the next round of planting or scraping up the chook poo each week. It is satisfying, just not glamorous…. 😉

  3. Why not see if he can sell them? I’m talking selling one or two to friends/sisters/mum and dad for a dollar (or however much eggs cost?) Then he gets profits on some while you eat the rest and doesn’t feel left out?

    • A good idea, although he is such a generous soul that he would get just as much pleasure out of giving them as selling them and is planning to give them to others already! He only feels like he is missing out because this is the first one, after that it won’t bother him.
      I hope he gets to bring some to share next time we all get together! 😀

  4. Yay! I don’t have chooks but I know the thrill I get when I see tiny fruit on my fruit trees. I wonder if you could give him a chocolate egg in place of the real one?

    • I think that one of those fondant-yolk filled Cadbury creme eggs might make him feel better 😀

      I still get a thrill from fruit and veg from my own garden too, it is so satisfying isn’t it? Makes dragging around all those watering cans worthwhile! 😀

      • Yup, yup! And the flavour…? We have finally had some strawberries and the sweetness makes the store-bought punnets taste like sugar coated plastic!

        I think he’ll love that Cadbury creme egg. 🙂

        • Oh, much yummier than shop bought that’s for sure! We have a weird tomato plant that was hybridized by the FIL and the blackish fruit looks frightening, tastes wonderful though 😀

          • I don’t actually like raw tomato but this last summer we have pretty much eaten only our own produce and… I’m eating it. No more picking it out of salads lol

          • Don’t like raw tomato?! Eeeek! We love it! All except for Number 2 who won’t touch it. He has had a nibble of some from the garden this year though, no matter how good it tastes to us he still hates it 😉

          • Yeah, I know that feeling. It’s something about the texture as I love cooked tomato. Oh well, sounds as if we’re both improving. 🙂

    • Thanks for the link 🙂 This morning he was asking if he could keep the first egg and I thought I would have to work out how to blow it so I wouldn’t be stuck with a rotten egg hiding somewhere in the fridge!

      I wrote this post on Tuesday night and there was another egg this afternoon (Wednesday) and he was thinking about cooking them himself for us to eat so I might be lucky and not have to worry about it 😀

  5. You’re such a loving caring mum metan… makes me smile with the joy of it 😀 Being allowed to find the egg and thinking about how your other little chappie won’t feel left out.

    My BIG grown up son has 4 chooks, a vegie garden, 3 children etc (and a GORGEOUS wife, whom I so love, I must add) It’s wonderful to see these 3 grand chickadees of mine growing up gathering the chooks eggs, cooking along with their dad delish egg dishes and “treaties” from the vegie patch.

    • Thank you 😀
      I got as much enjoyment from seeing his happiness as I did from finding it myself. We are up to day four now with an egg each day. He is still excited and zooms up there straight after school to see if there is another. He comes running back just as happy as the first time. I love it 😀

      So pleased to hear that your grandkids are getting to enjoy things like that too, I love it when dads do ‘stuff’ with their kids.
      I always hope that the kids will remember the chooks and vegies etc fondly when they are older and do it with their own kids too.

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