11 comments on “Tin-kettling, chapter 2.

  1. Ah-ha-ha, brilliant! The first bit, not the second bit. Nice to know your Dad reads this. I know of one other female blogger (La La) who was a bit perturbed to discover her Dad read her blog. My anonymity is an attempt to make sure mine don’t!

    p.s. Great word: Hobbledehoys!

    • I love the word hobbledehoys too, I just never get a chance to use it!

      I don’t mind the family reading my blog, although if I intended to write things I didn’t want them to hear I would probably start up an new anonymous blog too! 🙂

      • I guess your family must get involved with the blog somewhat, as they’re in a lot of the photos where the creatures are concerned, but I would say that apart from that that you did have an anonymous blog!

        I’ve had a theory for a while, tell me if I’m wrong, that once you’re married and have kids that you have less secrets (or shame?) from your parents. It seems true as far as my (younger) brother is concerned, and me with all the opposites.

        • I try to make sure that when I use photos of family that people who don’t already know who they are have no way of really identifying anyone. I actually take a lot of photos of situations and then say to the kids “Can you just stay the same but look away from the camera in case I want to use it on my blog?”
          I know that once you are on the net you aren’t anonymous but I try to keep things as private as I can. I don’t do facebook either so I have no fear of accidentally cross-referencing my entire life to my supposedly anonymous blog!

          In my case I think that it is not that I have less secrets, it is just that the older I get the far less bothered I am by what people think of me. Having kids probably just crystallizes this, once you can do something as terrifying and amazing as that, worrying about what other people think of the small things really gets put into perspective. 🙂

  2. I’m safe, since I’m more the age of a dad who would read a blog. Shame, but my daughter doesn’t write one.Well done to your dad for ‘fessing up’, if you hadn’t put it on here you could have blackmailed him for years with that.
    Seems like Texas is a place where you don’t fool around much.

    • Actually he thought it was quite a joke, blackmail wouldn’t have had much of an effect! I can imagine a horde of 10-year-olds running around the streets in the night these days would end in many parents being called in to the local coppers to explain themselves, back in 1940 it was a different time!

      After reading his story I can just imagine a swarm of terrified kids screaming their way through all the neighbours backyards in their hurries to get home after the affronted man had a shout on his verandah. They probably inadvertently scared a few other neighbours in their dash to safety! 😀

  3. “Don’t think badly of me.” ! is hilarious 🙂 TIn-kettling, the anti-social gang activity of the day. Your Dad possibly drew on the footpath with chalk as well, stole a few apples and smoked tobacco bush or some other harmless but kid-illicit substance. The old days weren’t so bad.

    • You’re so right, the trouble they would have got up to back in those days was far less horrifying than the trouble we read in the news today isn’t it.

  4. I love your Dad’s confession but that example from Texas was scary. So much for a harmless prank. I’m rather glad the custom has died out to be honest. Can you imagine what the kids would get up to in a modern day version?

    • It was a scary example 😦
      I guess it turned from a noisy but friendly send-off into episodes of group bullying. A pity, it is clear from many of the articles I read that a few new marriages would have been ruined after the retaliation for the tin-kettling got out of hand.
      I guess the out of hand pre-wedding Hen’s/Buck’s Night has become the new version of that tradition. People seem to do their best to get the soon-to-be-weds into trouble before the wedding now instead of waiting until after the ceremony.

      • Oh good point about the Hens/Bucks nights. I’d completely forgotten those rituals. I wonder where the motivation comes from? Friends ticked off at losing a mate to a spouse? Weird.

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