6 comments on “John Butler Trio. Zebra.

  1. I was humming the tune as soon as I saw the post title… bu bu bubububa bubububa… or something like that 😉 I find Zebra & JBT in general is great domestic goddess duties music, even if the domestic goddess in question is somewhat inelegant in executing the accompanying boppy moves… nothing like Freddie Mercury 😉

    • bu bu bubububa bubububa….. Their music is great for housework and I am sure I am no more elegant than you when I am bopping manically around the house 😀 …………..bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bah.

  2. This one I had to turn off half way through. Sorry, maybe it’s my age. Unlike you young things I survived the sixties, ( 70’s not so much) and the eighties full of great music.

    • I officially feel old. Number 2 came home the other day and told me he is really enjoying history at school at the moment. “Why mate? What subject are you doing?” I asked, hopeful that it was something I could help him with. “The eighties.” he replied. DOH!
      That ancient era has its own playlist on my ipod! 🙂

  3. Love this song, even though its about the only one of theirs I know… And I totally get the not being able to drive with it on.

    • Good for housework, bad for driving! When Number 2 was tiny there were many lonely late night dashes to the hospital for his asthma. I had a particular tape that was the only one I could listen to on those drives when all I wanted to do was go foot to the floor for the whole 50k’s.

      JBT was NOT on that one. I would have been there quicker but…. 😉

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