17 comments on “Broccoli. Bleh…..

  1. Four things sprang to mind when reading this: 1. broccoli soup – cook and stick blend it with potatoes and onion… and maybe some bacon; 2.stiry fry with beef & oyster or satay sauce (& noodles and tofu puffs) – neither of these entice the G.O. to eat broccoli as he won’t touch it at all but it might tip it over the edge in favour for you as it has done for him with other green offerings; and 3. beer, not for the broccoli but for the snails. The G.O. thought I was mad (& told me so) when I arranged bowls of beer around the garden but when the bowls were full of dead snails he was happy, as who knew he’s a bit icky about picking up snails. Alternatively, 4. ducks – our neighbour’s ducks got into our yard and dedicatedly tracked and feasted on every snail.
    Maybe the snails feel about weeds the way you do broccoli 😉

    • Thanks for those, I might have to give them a go, I will have to eat it one day! 🙂 I put broccoli in stews at the last minute to just heat and soften slightly, and hope my stew is strongly flavoured enough to cover the taste. I also put it in stir fry and eat it under sufferance…
      I have thought of beer traps but we never have beer in the house! I would have to go and get some for the occasion 🙂
      Ducks are a good idea, the MIL used to take the kids (when they were tiny) out into the garden with a bucket and they would spend ages collecting snails and then delightedly feed them one at a time to her eager chooks. I am trying to get my chooks to develop a taste for them but so far all they do is damage them and then let them escape.
      I never thought of weeds being flavour kryptonite for snails! 😀

  2. Haha, I love all, well most, veges, broccoli especially. My boys eat veges out of duress, but hubby is not too bad. Satay veges is really good too, you should try it. 🙂

    • My kids eat veg without worrying about it, I just don’t understand them. I give them broccoli uncooked and they eat it without a murmur! Sickos…. 😉

  3. EllaDee is quite right about the beer. It doesn’t half attract the snails. Only I don’t suggest you try pinching it from your husband.Of course if the snails persist, I suggest digging a trench round the veggies, filling it full of petrol and setting fire to it at night. That way even if you don’t get to roast the sniails, with luck you might burn the sprouts, the broccoli, spinach and green beans all to a crisp. People should only be allowed to grow cabbage, carrots and peas.

    • The Man isn’t a beer drinker so it is never in the house! I have heard that beer is good for snails but that it probably attracts more snails than the seedlings do!
      Carrots and peas yes, cabbage, ick… Corn is good too but I forgot to plant it until it was too late this time! Oh well, there’s always next year… 😀

  4. The only place that’s been safe from snails this year has been my back deck. Btw I tried the beer trick. Poured some stale beer into a 2 litre milk bottle and set it near my green beans. It filled up with snails alright but the ones that couldn’t get at the beer settled for the beans. 😦 Maybe a moat full of beer instead of petrol?

    • I think that the beer atracts more snails than anything and I don’t want them to think my garden is more delicious than they already do! I have just thought that I might put a few bowls of beer in an empty garden bed and try killing the slimy buggers off before I plant anything there.
      A pre-emptive stike in the Vegie Garden Wars! 😀

      • Oh! Now that’s a damn good idea. I wish I’d done that before I planted those poor beans.

        Btw I’ve noticed the snails leave my onion and garlic alone. Ditto with parsnip, artichoke, dill and parsley. Maybe they don’t like aromatic plants? Perhaps we should make garlic moats around those tasty vegies.

        • I only just thought of it after answering David’s comment! I might try it before I plant my cauli.
          I remember reading about wild veg gardening which suggests planting a sacrificial border around those ones you want to save. A good idea if you have the space 🙂 (I don’t!)

          • I just did an extra post about the horrible weather after making the mistake of looking at the forecast for the next few days. Maybe this horrible dry weather will ensure snails soon become an endangered species!

          • I wish… 😦 There are snails walking on water in my fish pond. Well, they’re sliming across the duckweed but same difference. Where the hell do they hide during the day????

          • They love Agapanthus and things like that, maybe they are in the rocks on the side of your pond, just out of the direct sun.
            I find lots of them under the lips of plant pots. I think the cool under the house is especially good for them and they hide under there all day, plotting….

          • lmao – why is it that they seem so much cuter in Miniscule? Then again the spiders are cute in Miniscule too. Had to deal with a huge huntsman in the loungeroom yesterday. My aim must have been off because it scuttled into the bottom shelf of the book case. Boy was that fun… :/

          • I did. Had to resort to Mortein to slow it down though. HATE Mortein. Only keep it in the house for these kinds of emergencies.

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