16 comments on “An assertive pigeon.

  1. Sounds like you have an alpha male in the pigeon ranks. Are they really that unco..? The grace of a bag of laundry, sounds like it would look rather funny.

    • It has been interesting to see a creature who is normally so timid standing up for itself. I guess that is behaviour probably seen within the ranks of the pigeon pecking order but I have never seen them use it, especially on another type of bird!

      Yes, they really are unco. Once they get going they fly very straight and very fast and look quite impressive zooming through the trees. But the bit from ground level up looks a bit like throwing a chicken through a hedge…. 😉

  2. How wonderful!!! … Those Rainbow Lorikeets, beautiful as they are, can be bossy little blighters. Reckon you should give your brave, proud and courageous Pidge a “pet name” 😀 I too love watching the antics of Wildlife in my backyard… glorious!

    • So far he has just been called ‘The Grumpy One’ 😀
      I love the lorries but they are real bullies, maybe it is their red eyes…. they look crazy…. 😉

  3. Bird Wars. Better than TV. It’s great when everyone is accustomed to each other’s company both human and feathered, and the personalities shine through.

    • It IS better than tv, we have taken to keeping the bird book on the dinner table next to the glass doors for quick reference. So many birds come through once and only for a second and we want to know what they are!
      I am really pleased that they are developing some sort of pecking order that doesn’t involve one type of bird keeping all the others away too.

  4. I love the idea that the pigeon is going for a natural evolution approach and may pass that on to the next generation . Your garden could be responsible for the change that will undergo future bronzewings. Just think, in twenty years no-one will ever remember the lorikeets were in charge of the dining room.

    • I sometimes imagine that this bird is a rebellious teenager who has been turfed out of the clan for its bad attitude. Soon I can see all the young males joining his gang and rumbling the parrots whenever they come across each other 🙂

  5. Not so bird-brained, then!
    We have been interested to watch our hens seeing off the local cats in a similar way – standing tall and flapping wings, but we have yet to see them jump on a cat’s head! Clearly our local domestic cats are more fearful than your lorikeets.

    • I wonder if it because the cats have nasty teeth and claws and your chooks are smart enough to stay out of reach? 🙂 Our pigeon will be in trouble if a parrot fights back properly one day, they can give a nasty bite when they want to!

  6. What a sassy bird! I wonder if it is an alpha, or just a runt that got sick of being pushed around by everyone. Perhaps this is a case of the wo… I mean the pigeon turning. 🙂

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