25 comments on “Flying Books and a magic library.

  1. Ok, I need to watch the full film at lunchtime but the trailer is wonderful… 7 year old EllaDee loves Pop Goes the Weasel, and we both love books!
    On the subject of animation, if you haven’t seen Snow White and the Huntsman (rated MA as there’s lots of sword fights and killing), we watched it yesterday and I loved it, the G.O. said it was ok but didn’t move for the duration… anyway, the enchanted forest scenes is animated and especially captivating 🙂

    • Glad you liked the clip. It is a lovely little movie, all without speaking, I love it when they can tell an entire story without having to tell you what to think 😀

      I am pleased to hear you say that about Snow White, it has been on my want-to-watch list for ages but I wasn’t sure about it. Now you have made me want to give it a go. The new Hansel and Gretel movie looks pretty interesting too.

      • I saw the Hansel & Gretel advert and thought hmmm… I’ll wait and see what you think. I wasn’t sure about Snow White as I’m not at all into what is currently trendy in Fantasy genre. Snow White ventures there but not as much as I anticipated. I had a feeling, so added it to the QuickFlix queue in the interests of new and different.

        • If we see H&G I will let you know what I think.

          We tend to avoid these ‘flavour of the moment’ movies too. Even though The Hobbit was my favourite book as a child, and I loved the LOTR movies, I don’t really want to see the new movie. I am scared that their interpretation will ruin my long-lived mental image of the book.

          • I haven’t seen The Time Traveller’s Wife for the same reason – I loved the book. I couldn’t bear to to be disappointed. I have the Hobbit in the QF queue… far too long to sit in a cinema to see, but worse for me was many years ago I saw a stage play of the Hobbit with life size puppets and Henri Szeps as Gandalf…hard to explain but it was magical 🙂

      • The full clip was WONDERFUL… I let my imagination run away with me and thought how magical it would be to have a house full of living, flying childrens and classics books 🙂

        • It was certainly a nice way to start my week! I just downloaded it off itunes so I could show the kids tonight without killing my monthly download limit by the end of the day…

          It is such a sweet storyline, I think we all deserve a magical library and happy books with legs. If I saw this when I was small I would so have wanted to be that girl on the steps at the end.

  2. That was a beautiful film. mean, thank you so much for bringing it to me. I always knew that books were magical! And the lovely touch of the Humpty Dumpty book. Awww…..

    • The little Humpty face was just perfect wasn’t it 🙂 I am glad you liked it and I will have to look for Paperboy too. I love it when I find these beautiful things to share 😀

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