21 comments on “Queen. I Want to Break Free.

  1. He was a true showman but thought no-one would be interested in him off stage. How wrong he was. What a strange combination of circumstances made him the man he was, his families religion, his culture versus his UK life and the persona he could turn on and off at will. What luck that his meeting with Brian May and the others created such a fantastic group who broke boundaries right from the start by making an operatic pop song, though he was a frustrated operatic singer anyway I think.
    The huge disapproval of the gay lifestyle led to the ever present moral police in the US ( Harry Potter) banning promos like this one but nothing could dim the popularity of the people for music like Queen’s.
    Out of all the icons who’ve dies over the years Freddie’s, Michael Jackson’s and probably Mama Cass Elliot’s are the ones that hit me most.

    • Freddie’s death was certainly a sad loss, a pity that being gay was such a stigma back then, even though it is still an issue among some it is far more accepted now. I guess that he wouldn’t have been the person he was without all of that history though.

      A great documentary about Queen was on here recently. It was a fantastic bit of music history and just went to show what a huge influence people like Freddie had over music from then on.

  2. Freddie could sing~! If only he and many others who died of AIDS had just lived a bit longer when the medications came out-we would still have them all here with us.

    • He certainly could!

      The quality and length of life for people with AIDS these days is far better than it was back in those days isn’t it. I remember when diagnosis was a death sentence (although it still is in non first-world countries) whereas now it is still a dreadful thing but one that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fulfilling life regardless.

      • I was just coming out of nursing school in the early 80’s and they called it GRID back then (gay related immune disease). I wrote a long paper about it as it really was just so sad what was happening back then with no real cure/ medicines etc. Thank you for sharing about him. He had such an amazing voice.

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