15 comments on “Hot weather thirst. 1934.

  1. Water bags are wonderful. The water always tastes sweet. My Dad had one hanging off the front of the ute when we lived in the country when I was a kid. The G.O. also, so he was delighted to find 2 water bags in a camping store while we were on holidays, adding them to our stockpile of useful things to be used one day. Back in the city the weather for me is largely irrelevant. I see it through the window, 26 floors up and sometimes it dumps water on me during the commute. A day in the garden sounds wonderful but not a cooked mush brain.

    • A water bag is the one piece of camping gear that we don’t have. Whenever I see them I think I should get one but I never do, maybe now I will.

      A day in the garden when it is hot like this is not as nice as it could be…. Cleaning the chook house is never enjoyable and the sun was so hot I burnt my hands on the bbq when I moved it for Number 1 son when he was mowing the back grass. No, it wasn’t on, the sun had heated it up to an unreasonable degree!

  2. Those water bags were the original evaporative coolers. When the Daughter was little and we had no aircon, I used to wet a towel and hang it up in front of the fan on really hot days. Weather seems to be hotter than it used to be though. Hate it, hate it, hate it.

    • Ha! No proper aircon here either (a small 1 room one in the loungeroom only) and the kids go to bed each night with a wet facewasher! 🙂

      I don’t think the weather is actually hotter but I am sure the sun has more bite than it did when we were kids outside all day. We need more ozone, just over my garden! 😉

      I hate hate hate the heat too. Bring on Autumn!

      • I never keep the aircon on overnight. As soon as the outside air cools a bit I open all the windows and turn fans on. Not pleasant but I can’t sleep in canned air. Might try the face washer trick tonight.

        Btw have you seen what’s happening to the north of melbourne??? Epping, Lalor, Thomastown – they’re bloody suburbs and I’ll bet the people living haven’t a clue what a survival plan is.

        I actually sat here all day feeling /safe/. Weird, very weird.

        • A damp facewasher only needs a bit of a shake and it becomes a nice cool compress in no time, more effective than our ac that’s for sure. I can’t sleep with the ac on, the noise drives me mad!

          The Man and I went to Chirnside at lunchtime and looking across from the top of the hill we could see a column of smoke, we thought it was out your way but thinking about it now it must have been Epping. Poor buggers, I bet that was completely unexpected for them 😦

          • Just checked the CFA website and the Advice for Reservoir says the fire is still out of control. This damn fire looks as if it’s aiming for the CBD! Nervous night ahead for a lot of people. 😦

  3. Hot weather doesn’t suit everyone and I confess I was worried about son #2, thinking it might have affected him. I’m glad it didn’t. Times have changed. I know a tractor driver who runs a small fridge from a car battery in his cab. Keeps it full of iced lollies ( lolly ices?) for when the weather’s hot. Swears it’s the best way to cool down.

    • Actually it seems to be the cold damp weather that is more likely to set him off, just like the Man.

      Icy pole = iced lolly and we are never short of a box of them at this time of year! I can imagine that there are a few truck drivers who have fridges full of them right now too! My FIL never goes camping without a tub of icecream in the fridge in his camper 🙂

  4. After such a hot night the cool change is welcome! Even the drizzle is fun — for the time being!.

    That’s such an iconic photo, Metan. You can feel how hot and dusty he would have been.

    • After the hot day when I wrote this post I have been LOVING the cooler weather today, getting in the car wasn’t like entering an oven for a change!

      It is a great photo isn’t it. I had the same feeling when I saw it, the poor bloke, dry and dusty still with hours of hard work ahead of him.

    • Wonderfully we are having a much cooler day today 🙂 It might not last for too long though, the temperature is set to rise again tomorrow just in time for us to get cooked again on the weekend when it is forecast to be in the mid 30’s again (95 deg F). 🙂

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