19 comments on “Garden invaders….

    • Tell that to my tomatoes! 😉
      The Man and I noted the other day how them being so lovely has let them get away with so much. They have mad, red eyes and are real bullies too so we think the beauty is only on the outside 🙂

  1. They are definitely the boss… they chase off the other birds. Usually only our Maggies make a stand, and they chase off the other birds as well 🙂 They eat our oranges and the neighbours mandarins but like your tomatoes, no-one seems to mind too much, as they are colourful & personable, and have qualms about making their wishes known.

    • Amazingly we found out what is Lorikeet kryptonite this morning. We have a Butcher bird who lives quietly in the garden and this morning it had obviously had enough of the noisy buggers.

      It cleared the garden twice with very little effort even though it is smaller than a Lorikeet! It zoomed past the windows a few times in hot pursuit of a single one just inches off its tail. It was so funny we were late for school after sitting there watching it!

    • They certainly make the view a bit more interesting. 🙂

      Number 2 son got up early this morning (Saturday) while the Man and I were still in bed and spread an unreasonably large amount of seed on the grass. I counted more than 50 birds out there at the peak of the traffic…. We have requested that he show a bit of restraint next time!

      Jack normally chases birds, but even she has given up worrying about them. When she is inside they strut up and down in front of the glass door and she just watches from inches away without lifting a hair.

  2. 50 Birds!!! That would be deafening. I’ve always loved the lorikeets too — they are such noisy, cheeky things. They remind me of fighter planes, as they weave and do acrobatics at incredibly high speeds.

    • They certainly were noisy! Their squawking woke me up!

      This afternoon our garden was a scene of (almost) perfect interspecies harmony. Grazing in the grass among the dozens of lorikeets were half a dozen King Parrots and 4 Bronzewing Pigeons. For a change there was no real fighting and only the odd bit of argy bargy for a better position. Amazing!

      They are fantastic to watch when they blast through the garden, and when something startles them and they all leave as one it is an amazing explosion of colour.

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