17 comments on “Half English and half snake juice. 1909.

    • I think you might be right!

      I loved this article, it really put you there with the much-bitten snake man as he “gave his shirt a hitch, settled his cap more firmly and re-lit a half smoked cigarette”.

  1. That article was an excellent find – it has to be Frederick Fox… As well as being facscinated by the article, I’m fascinated where it turned up.. in the Warwick Examiner, and in 1909… 5-ish years before his fatal miscalculation.

    • Thanks, I thought of you as soon as I found it 🙂
      Obviously he was a seasoned snake catcher even in 1909 but I still can’t find his age! He appears to be quite young though and what an insight into his personality this article is. 😀

    • It seems that he was the one who started the snake pit in La Perouse but some of the articles I have found lead me to believe that there was one going before him…. Maybe I need to go back over them again. Snake handlers were the rock stars of their day weren’t they?

      Frederick Fox is a bit of a dead end in search terms in those newspapers so I have had to be a bit imaginative in my searches, that is how I managed to find this unnamed treasure!

    • You’re right. No matter how outrageous the stories are in the articles I find I expect that nearly all of them have some tiny grain of truth at their core.
      When I read about some of the old bush characters, like Fox, who were far more numerous back then than they are now I wonder how much the poorer we are for the lack of them.

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