15 comments on “Afghanistan’s first woman military helicopter pilot

  1. It’s amazing what they’ve achieved. I dread to think what will happen to them and other educated women if the Taliban get back in power there. With luck she’ll fill her helicopter with as many as possible and decamp over the border to Pakistan.
    It’s barbaric to think that a group of men should fail to see that women need education and the opportunities that men have, or that a group of men should dictate that men who shave should be punished. They’d be taking Afghanistan back to the stone age.

  2. Wow… a courageous, heartwarming, heartbreaking, inspiring, daunting example of “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I hope their future is a bright as Latifa hopes it will be.

    • I’m so glad you read the article. Even though sometimes our lives seem hard we should be a lot more grateful for them shouldn’t we. We can do whatever we want without fear, our worst enemies are ourselves. What amazing women.
      I was so sad to read of Laliuma’s death, those statistics of childbirth deaths are frightening. How can the men allow that state of affairs to continue? Surey even with their narrow vision they would realize that the safer childbirth was the more sons their wives could bear for them?

    • Just imagine taking your two-month-old baby with you everyday like that. It is ok if that is what you want but not ok if you have no choice. People in Western/ first world societies have it so easy and still complain about everything. 😦

        • And when kids whinge about having to go to school, their safe, co-ed, the worst thing that happens is yard-duty school, there should be some way to make them understand what those girls had to go through and what drove them to succeed.

    • Different people have different problems don’t they, no matter how hard our lives get there is someone out there who would love our problems.

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