11 comments on “Strange but true? 1946.

  1. The guy with the rabbit—why didn’t he just say he was drunk? (joking). I do wonder if he ever got the help he needed?

    • I wonder how much noise a rabbit makes when it is charging around an apartment (apart from the dubious whooping of course). I can’t imagine that it would be too noisy really, he was either a really cranky neighbour or had issues that an expert might need to help him with!

  2. The salt on a bird’s tale was something we were told as kids… I guess if you can get that close… I’d like to believe the white rabbit is true, and in his mind it was probably real brought on by an over indulgence in substances. As for the rest, they’re probable especially the incendiary shampoo, who knows what is in anything… scary to think about.

    • I always thought the same thing, if you can get that close the salt shaker would only get in the way…

      The incendiary shampoo does sound a little worrisome but you’re right, who knows what is in anything these days! Back then it would probably have been even worse….

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