15 comments on “Hungry chickens….

    • Not too much further! Now when everyone else sees them on the tomato the rush to head me off before I zoom out there and chase them off. They offer food in a different place whereas I would be the madwoman shouting angrily on the step! 😀

  1. I have to admire the chooks and the Rosies “me me” attitude – if they weren’t so cute and personable they wouldn’t get away with it but they are, and do 🙂

    • You are right, if the chooks weren’t so amusing it would be all over for them! The rosellas ertainly have the Man and the kids trained, the slightest appearance means one of them will rush out with the bag of seed and dish out handfuls where needed 🙂

  2. I have my tomatoes up on the deck, safe from possums and alpacas. Sadly my fruit trees are not so lucky. Not going to have any of my favourite peaches this year. The last two were eaten overnight. The ground beneath the tree is littered with cleaned peach pips. It seems my possums are developing gourmet tastes. 😦

    • Mmmm… yum, peaches. Bloody possums, you might need to net the trees next time. At least they eat the whole lot and don’t just take a bite and drop the rest of the fruit on the ground.

        • I sympathize, we helped the Man’s brother net one of his trees last year and that was a trauma that doesn’t bear repeating…. Maybe a frame around it? Much easier to net a cage than a spiky tree.

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