8 comments on “Before too long- Paul Kelly

  1. I love songs that take you to time and place. Cold Chisels’ Flame Trees takes me to the country town I grew up in. I don’t have a favourite Paul Kelly song but To Her Door is the Paul Kelly song I think of. For me his songs just blended into the general Aussie mix o fthe 80’s, which was a great time.

    • There are a few Aussie bands whose songs can really do that to you aren’t there, I always loved the start of Breakfast at Sweethearts. Flame Trees is a great one and I love To Her Door as well. 😀

    • Hmmm… Mid 80’s… any chance you were at home with a small Daughter then? No hope of keeping up with current music then I’m sure!

      What an amazing view it was from up there on the silos, they don’t seem that high from the ground. I would love to go up there now and have a look 😀

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