12 comments on “A comfy coffin. 1930.

  1. Good plan for the vicar but yes, the execution would be tricky. All those lavish funeral expenses are ridiculous. While we were flooded in at TA, keeping an eye on morning TV broadcasts about the Qld and local floods we were inundated with funeral plan advts… just a dollar a day and your family can have… after the 5th advt the G.O. lost the plot and ran outside…
    And yes, a lamp… and a cup of tea 😉

    • I agree, no point having a good book without a cuppa to go with it 🙂
      A lavish funeral is like a lavish wedding, a big expense for nothing! A big funeral is only for your ego which is dead as soon as you are!!

      I notice that the vicar wanted the saved money to help some of his parishioners on their life’s difficult journey, but he might have been better off willing his books, and especially his hot water bottle, to a needy person instead of taking them with him 😉

    • I don’t blame you… I think we are really lucky we live (and die!) in a time when they bother to check that you are really dead.

      I have seen enough historic articles which lead me to believe that not that long ago just lying quietly for a few hours had you stuffed into a coffin! I wonder how many people have woken up a little too late? Yikes….

    • Oooh, lazy vampire. I hadn’t thought of that one! Why bother straining yourself clambering out of the grave if you can make life a bit easier beforehand 🙂

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