9 comments on “Unusual find. 1932.

    • Actually they do! We were enticed down to the creek after being shown a decent piece that had just been panned out.

      We might have very little luck but some of the more obsessed members of the group don’t consider their weekend complete unless they have found enough to pay for their weekend away. 😀

  1. I love the idea of fossicking, although I’d rather find opals. Sadly I’ll have to remain an armchair fossicker as I’m lazy too! That said, next time I dig a hole in the garden I might pay a bit more attention to what comes out. After all, Warrandyte was a goldmining town!

    • The FIL often goes down to Warrandyte with his gear and spends the afternoon standing in the river searching for flecks, he never comes home empty-handed.
      If I were you I would be looking too, you never know what you might find 🙂

      Maybe once the kids are older and the Man and I can wander off without worrying about the kids being bored we might have better luck. For now we will just keep enjoying the camping and hope to stumble across a gigantic nugget by accident 😀

  2. What’s that old saying? “You can’t see the wood for the trees”. In this case the fencers couldn’t see the gold for the hole… How many times does this happen in life, you rush rush and miss the gold in the process, and in this case, real gold.

    • I agree, so many people let the small good stuff that makes life wonderful slip through their fingers in their rush to get to the next BIG thing.

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