13 comments on “Back to reality. So annoying…..

  1. Even sadder when the toy shop on the boys bedroom is no longer there, and the boy has turned into a man, and you didn’t even notice! I remember those days!

  2. It seems that two of mine have turned into men… Although big boys toys are not quite the same as little boys (16,13 & 8)

  3. -giggles- I can see why the housework doesn’t get done! I love the kaboom at the end. 🙂 I remember watching the Ewoks videos and the dinosaur videos… ahem… with the Daughter. Now we tend to play the same mmo’s. Great mother/daughter bonding. 😀

    • And the “release..me..” in the middle 😀

      It is nice to be able to enjoy the same things with the kids. I would hate then to think I don’t have time to share the things they like with them.

        • I have threatened to cut them off at the knees to stop them growing. If only we could keep them young until we are ready to let them grow up!
          Of course, I am happy to be a non-grown-up with them as much as possible 😀

  4. I’m back to reality as well in the office… but thankfully with a little time on my hands… and those hands over my mouth as I laugh out loud as the big larva sticks 2 matchsticks in his nose and leaps in slo mo… aahh too funny. You sound like you have had a lovely break… it just makes it all the more difficult to contemplate… no, I can’t think about it.

    • Sorry to hear that real life has overtaken you again. 😦
      Just as well you have the internet to amuse you at work! As soon as he cast his eyes upon those matchsticks there was only one way the rest of the cartoon could go wasn’t there 😀

      Our break was lovely and relaxing and it is horrible to see the boring weeks stretching ahead of us. I think I need to go and get another tatts ticket….

  5. No children around my house, so I realize that I have been missing out on such fabulous cartoons! I am tempted to sit and watch the rest of them!

    How was the first day back? Did you all survive?

    • Some of the cartoons are completely hilarious. I am not sure if you saw the post I did a little while ago and talked about the Miniscule tv series. More funny bugs that even the Man will race in to watch 🙂

      The boys survived the first day back happily, Number 2 even coming home to rave about how wonderfully strict on talking in the classroom his new teacher is! No, he is not an angel, he just has a few girls in his class again who drive him crazy with their constant talking so he is happy that he won’t have to listen to it again this year 🙂
      Of course, I missed them all day and was really pleased when 3.30 rolled around!

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