18 comments on “A lazy weekend.

  1. I had horrible thoughts when you said no-one had worn anything but thongs all week since over here thongs are an item of very skimpy ( and quite uncomfortable) underwear. I was so pleased when you announced they are flip flops. Such a similar language yet so far apart. xx Hugs

    • Whenever I mention thongs in a blog post I always make sure I am clear as to what I am talking about!

      We call feet things thongs, and your version of thongs g-strings. Flip flop is something a stranded fish does! 😉

      When I hear the rest of the world referrring to thongs as underwear the first thing that pops into my mind (and I am sure I am not alone) is a inappropriately placed item of footwear making walking extremely uncomfortable! 😀

      Language is a funny thing!

  2. Is there anything worse than coming across a wriggling leech working its way through the water? I know they pretty much harmless, which is why they used to be used regularly in medicine, but, boy, are they awful looking. Nice of y’all to give a warning to those downstream.

    • Leeches are horrible, I agree. They are harmless but a single sighting can clear an area pretty quickly can’t it!
      We couldn’t let those downstream stand around not knowing that doom was slithering their way. They were all wearing waders so they were probably fairly safe, but I would want to know one was on the way.

      • A couple of years ago I was wading in a placid creek here in South Carolina and came across a good size turtle – at least 18 inches long. I pulled him from the water and noticed he had three leeches on his shell. I took a stick and scraped each off. I noticed that when they fell into the water, which was only about a foot deep, they landed in such a way that they looked just like a long leaf resting on the sandy bottom. I had never even noticed leeches in the creek before, but now my mind was awash with thoughts of bloodsuckers latching onto me as I made my way the two miles or so back downstream. Of course, nothing of the sort happened, but I was amazed, and none too happy, with their ability to blend in with the environment.

        • It is funny isn’t it. As soon as you see one leech imaginary hordes of them are making their slithery and unrelenting way towards you. *shudder* 😀

  3. I didn’t know what a yabbie was so thanks for the picture. I couldn’t work out the other picture either until you explained.

    It must be great panning for gold, never knowing what you’re going to turn up. I saw the giant nugget found in Australia the other week although he used a good metal detector to search where others already had. Is it legal to keep what you find? I bought a metal detector years ago (first purchase after working) but was frustrated by the lack of places I could use it. So I never made any historical finds. Yet…

    • We have heaps of different kinds of yabbies, all the same body shape but different colours and some of them can grow to a gigantic size.

      Now you have made me think about it I am sure I have a photo of a yabbie a kid bought for show-and-tell at school a few years ago. I might have to post it. He had bought it in an esky and the yabbie was so big that it couldn’t turn around inside it. The nippers were so huge that it could have easily taken off an unsuspecting finger. The one in the photo above might give you a nasty pinch at worst!

      That big nugget the other day was pretty spectacular wasn’t it! Just goes to show that you never know what you might find.
      We sometimes hear about amazing historical finds made in England by people with detectors. I doubt there is much of Britain that hasn’t had some sort of habitation nearby at some time, the chances of finding something interesting are pretty good if you can get permission to access a farmers land. Good luck with your detectoring 😀

  4. Aah, school, and in Qld there are people who call them flip flops, they have a weird language set up there. But the fun in the confusion could be quite entertaining….

    • I have just finished naming all the books and stationery and getting organized and am completely buggered 🙂
      I have noticed that flip flop has started to infiltrate our lingo and it is hugely annoying!! Resist people, Aussies call them thongs!!! 😀

    • Eeek!
      I know that yabbies are yum, but we used to have a few in a tank as pets (The Yab Four) and they were a source of constant amusement. Since then I could never eat one! 😀

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