19 comments on “Australia Day. Still…..

    • Thanks 😀 It has been a very nice weekend.

      Adam Hills is very popular in Australia and seems to be becoming more popular in Britain too. We have a lot of great comedians in Australia but I can always rely on Adam Hills when I am looking for a small clip that is still funny even when taken out of context, and not to have too much bad language (since I try to keep my blog ok for my own kids to read).

      • I can understand the difficulty in finding a kid-appropriate comedian who’s still genuinely funny. The one American comedian I always go to on Youtube and know it will be safe for my gang to listen to is Jim Gaffigan. There aren’t many, it would seem, at least if you want some really good laughs.

        • I will have to check Jim Gaffigan out. I don’t mind a little bit of swearing, the kids evilly laughed their heads off at what Captain Cook might have said, but sometimes it gets a bit out of hand and seems to be just for the sake of it.

          • Yes, cussing just to cuss doesn’t add a whole lot. You can really tell the comedian who understand the language and the impact individual words have, as opposed to those just looking for shock value.

          • Absolutely! I am happy to listen to the sweariest comedian (like Billy Connolly for instance) if they use it properly, swearing to pad out a badly thought out act is pointless.

  1. I hope you have a fantastic and suitably lazy day. Thanks for Adam Hills who is currently entertaining us over here following his success with alternative Olympic broadcasts. He’s a funny man.

    • We certainly had a lazy weekend…
      I am glad to hear you are enjoying Adam Hills too, and that he is having ongoing success! He has a way of making people laugh without any meanness in his jokes doesn’t he. 🙂

  2. Checking Wikipedia confirms what I believed in that (in England) most of the public holidays are day-specific (mostly on Mondays), but with Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day the extra day on Monday, if they fall on a weekend, does apply!

    • I figured that the rest of the world probably acted a little more responsibly when it came to days off. 😉 Public holidays are pretty much considered a basic human right here, the thought of one being wasted on a weekend we were going to have off anyway is more than we can bear. 😀

      Our best public holiday is for Melbourne in November for the Melbourne Cup. The first Tuesday of November, the entire day off for a single horse race. Not only that, the whole place grinds to a halt on the Monday as well, teachers have a ‘correction day’ so the schools are shut, the trades generally make it a scheduled RDO and everyone else just takes a day off….

      • Sadly we in South Australia don’t get a public holiday for Victoria’s Melbourne Cup but it’s followed closely on the TV with individual bets, Office “sweeps”, Melbourne Cup lunches/ breakfasts etc… When I was “teaching” the tellie would go on and the children would have a bit of “hush & colour” of horses & jockeys where their Maths re: colours, numbers etc were re-inforced… as well as a spot of Australian “culture”. ha ha ha… 😀

        • Not even all of Victoria gets the day off the either! It is supposedly just for metropolitan Melbourne but I think those who normally are well out of that zone still jump in for a day off. I know if I want a delivery at home I am not in Melbourne metro but the day off, well, we certainly get that!

          The cup sweep tradition is certainly an enduring one isn’t it! 😀

          • Well… they do say that it’s “a race that stops a nation” and it sure does… whether it’s a prescribed holiday, or not 😀 … don’t you just love that…

          • Imagine if those who started the race tradition knew what kind of event it was going to turn out to be!

            Each Melbourne Cup I have been blogging I try to do a post about some history of the race and I can’t believe it has gone from the Turf Club trying to get people interested to the phenomenon it is today!

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