18 comments on “Australia Day 2013.

  1. Go Jimmy… go go go!!! … First started performing around here, his home state of South Australia, in venues such as the famed Largs Pier Hotel… whooo hooo, remember it well 🙂 Thanks for sharing…

      • ha ha ha… it does indeed. Luv Adam Hill’s comedy and have never seen this but just checked it out and left a comment. BRILLIANT!!! “Working Class Man” happens to be my most favourite. Love your comment about the vodka … yep!!! 😀
        Don’t know if you’ve heard about the new Aussie Flag design?… You can read it on my blog: http://caiteile.com/2013/01/24/new-aussie-flag-design-explained/
        Cheerio for now, and enjoy you barbie on Saturday -:)

        • 🙂 yeah, the bottle of vodka would probably get you banned for life!
          It is amazing how well the two song fit isn’t it?

          Thanks for the link although I love the flag we already have, I hope they never change it!
          That is an interesting design though, it seems that every few years a new flag is offered and I understand that people always have aspects of it they want to change but I can only see it as a part of our history.

  2. We don’t have a bbq so I think we’ll just be sitting back and enjoying the cool! Love Cold Chisel but I’ve never understood why we can’t just have Waltzing Matilda as our official anthem. It’s already our unofficial one and I love it. I saw that latest sporting flag design. The green and gold was nice but… If we ever become a Republic then it may be time to change the flag but until then I can’t see the point.

    • Oh yes, the weather is fantastic right now. I am tucked up on the couch in a cardie!
      I love Waltzing Matilda too but I still think the best anthem is the Barnsey-style Advance Australia Fair 😀
      I never want the flag to change, I think that even if it did I would never see the new one as our flag, I would stick with the old one no matter what.

  3. I have just watched Adam singing the national anthem to Working Class Man. It is fabulous! And it scans really well. I vote for that version PLEASE!

    To add my two bob’s worth into other alternatives to anthems, how about a Paul Kelly song?

    • It does work perfectly doesn’t it, it isn’t just shoe-horning the anthem into a more popular tune. 🙂

      I agree with something from Paul Kelly being an anthem as well but which one?! He has created so many icons! 😀

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