19 comments on “Blue Banded Bee. Again… Woo Hoo!

    • Thank you! I didn’t even realize he had his tongue sticking out until I went back and looked at the photo later. When they saw it the kids cracked up laughing at the thought of flying around with your giant tongue out the front 🙂

  1. While my camera is good, hubby has the one with the ‘paparazzi’ feature I’d love, for pictures like these. Ie, hold the shutter and it goes nuts with the pictures. (Very technical of my I know)

    • I love my camera. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I still have my old camera though and I feel sad that I still don’t use it. It is old and only 4MP and only focuses on what it wants to but once we worked each other out it took amazing photos.

  2. Congratulations, that is a winning photo and a great accomplishment 🙂 I have never seen nor heard of a bee with a blue striped bum… if you could persuade those candy stripe legged katydids and the blue banded bees to appear together, you’d have quite a cabaret 🙂

    • Thank you very much! 😀 You may well have these bees up at TA, they sound just like blowies and never stay still, the first time I noticed one was entirely by accident and the family have only ever seen them in my photos because they don’t have the patience to actually look for one!

      Apparently they love tomatoes and I have been up the back this morning staking my patch of them and one was up there hanging around.

      I can just imagine the katydids and the blue bum bees and a christmas beetle hanging around together. A technicolor garden!

  3. -giggles- I would never have doubted you Metan but… this little guy definitely looks blue-er? Fantastic shot, especially given how small and elusive they are. Maybe fate is rewarding you for all those years of frustration. 😀

    • Thanks, I was hugely pleased with this shot and I was glad that he had a bluer bum than the last guy. You can see his green eye and orange-y fur too, phew!

      Now the tomatoes are in full flower they are all over the place. Unfortunately, the only time they land on the tomato flowers they quickly curl up into a tight ball for an instant then zoom off, so all they look like is a butcher boy hanging on a flower!

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