24 comments on “Saved by a spider. 1897.

    • I can’t imagine that ‘King Fred of No Wuckers Palace’ would be the kind of desirable address a proper king would be after though! 😀

  1. lmao – haven’t heard that one in years! Am I allowed to say it online? Thought I’d better ask as you didn’t give the full version. 😉

  2. I haven’t heard no wuckers or the long version since the 80’s I think… hilarious. On a more serious note, maybe the story will incline you to some degree of clemency with your house spiders… 😉

    • Since the 80’s? Oh god, then I’m showing my age. 😦 Or perhaps you live in a less bogan neighbourhood than me… 😉

      If a huntsman dropped into my early morning cuppa I think that I would probably die of a heart attack, the poison wouldn’t have a chance to take effect. Next time I have a chance to kill an house spider I may sweep instead of slam on your behalf 🙂

      • Hmm, you could be right… the last time I lived in a country town full time was early 1990…
        I’m thinking you could be a distant relative of Miss Muffett.

        • …eating my curds and whey.
          Along came a spider and sat down beside ‘er
          and got severely smashed by a boot.

          Not rhyming but true 🙂

    • I would love to know if it is still/really there or if the story is even true at all. I wonder if the mural is still there, or if it was painted over by spider-shy decorators later on? (if there is any truth to the story at all that is…)

      I can’t find anything concrete on the web or any images of it so I suspect that it might not exist. A pity, it is a great tale.
      I would love to hear the report of your travels, I can imagine that a summery holiday feels VERY far away trapped in the midst of NY snow. We are having more summer than I am comfortable with here, I would be happy to send some your way!

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