21 comments on “Race cheat. 1922. Oh, and today…..

  1. I’m a little slow on the ball here and had to google the interview which told me pretty much what you said but that he had made it cleat he was guilty of taking steroids. The daft bit is that the interview goes out today 17th Jan so we’ll have t see what’s been left in after editing. No doubt the tears of remorse will be there though. The article I read said that he’s in talks with the mail company that sponsored him and his team for 7 years to repay some of the money. As it was 21 mil, I hope he has deep pockets.

    • He had so many chances over time to put his hand up and say “I’m sorry, yes, I did it” but he waited until he had no choice didn’t he? I think it is all those fierce denials that have made people think the worse of him. He really could have done it earlier and the public would have had a far better opinion of him.
      It is a bit sad for him, if any of those victories were due to raw talent it doesn’t matter now, the spectre of drug use hangs over everything he did. An unfortunate end.

    • I heard something similar, that she and her team were suprised with what he said and that it was not what they expected. That is what made me think he wasn’t baring his soul in the way she had anticipated. I really doubted he would give her the tell-all everyone was waiting for….

  2. Lance wouldn’t have agreed to speak with Oprah if he thought for second it was going to be a hard-hitting interview. I don’t know who I would have chosen, but I know that it wouldn’t be someone that the interviewee wants.

    • Agreed. When you choose Oprah you are hoping for goodwill and gentle probing. She is not likely to pull some amazing bit of info out of her hat and put him on the back foot. Pity, it could have been the interveiw of the year if she had.

    • I just watched a few minutes of the interview, it was all I could stand! What a terrible bit of denial. I don’t knows, I’m not sures, ummmmms and long silences while he tried to work out the best arse-covering repy to each question.

      I really felt for Oprah, despite her best efforts it seems like he didn’t really come prepared to tell all (why aren’t we surprised….). When she asked clear and obvious questions he was ridiculously evasive. We already think the worst of him, he may as well come clean!

      I would love to have seen what Andrew Denton could have done to him, oh so politely.

      • I watched a bit of that interview as well and my heart did not bleed for him. Had it been Denton doing the interview I might, maybe, have felt a teensy weensy bit sorry for him. 😀

  3. The fact that during his period of denial, he SUED people when they talked about his doping makes me completely furious! He can never go back an UN-hurt them, UN-do the damage he did to their reputations and UN-do the races lost by the riders who did not cheat!

    Rant away, throw him to the wolves….

    • 😀 The interview made it so clear he still thinks he did no wrong! I wondered if he thought he would just get a “there there” and a pat on the back from Oprah because he did everything he could to avoid admitting to anything. To him the only wrong thing he did was get caught. I can’t even write the words my internal ranter is saying about him on my G rated blog….

      I have never been a fan of his, he was so arrogant. The fact that he villified and sued people when they were telling the truth… grrr…. Careers and reputations ruined just for the sake of his worthless ego.

      I really hope he never gets to continue with a sporting career. Who could cheer on such a person? Anyone who came second against him would be the winner in the eyes of many.

  4. The media had been repeating the same clips as Oprah will only allow them very short bits of it. I don’t know who an equivalent heavyweight American interviewer would be, but it’s always the way how people like that choose to be interviewed by more gentle interviewers. We don’t have Oprah here, but I can’t take her seriously since they featured her in an episode of South Park.

    • Oprah is the interviewer you go to if you want to come out to the public or to tell everyone you are scared of puppies. She isn’t the one to delve deeply into the psyche of such a person as Lance is she…

      I expect that he thought if he broke it to the world through her she would get the population on side. Too bad for him that most of the world just wants truth and accountability, not pats on the back. I think even Oprah herself wanted a bit more blood in the water than she got from him.

      I think Oprah completely lost credibility with me (although it was quite thin to begin with) when she came to Australia and then proclaimed that we all love our coffees at McCafe. Australians are obsessed with good coffee and great coffee shops abound EVERYWHERE; the coffee shop in a McDonalds is not one of them. There went one of the richest women in the world name dropping McDonalds for a bit of extra dosh….

    • They are all sorry they got caught aren’t they? Little kids are the same but they soon learn that the crime was the problem, not being busted. What an immature egotistical a*&hole he is.

      I bet there were a lot of people watching that interview and looking over at the other side of the couch and shuddering on the inside….

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