14 comments on “Fire from the sky. 1945.

  1. I just found this online. “Cotton and linen. When these materials come into contact with polyunsaturated vegetable oils (linseed, massage oils), bacteria slowly decompose the materials, producing heat. If these materials are stored in a way so the heat cannot escape, the heat build up increases the rate of decomposition and thus the rate of heat build up increases. Once ignition temperature is reached, combustion occurs with oxidizers present (oxygen).”

    In 1945 cotton and linen would have been used in clothing and maybe linseed oil was used in the whitewash? On a very hot day after a long drought, humidity would be very low so excess heat might not be able to ‘escape’. It’s a possibility at least. 😀

    • I’m not sure is if was a hoax or some kind of unexpected chemical reaction. It was probably a combination of that and hysteria and I bet there were others who just joined in with the breathless story tellers so as not to miss out on their share of gods wrath….

      Melbournians are also well known for their love of black too, we’d all be safe! 😉

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