15 comments on “Tiny katydid. (With candy cane legs).

  1. He/she is exquisite! And a lovely photo too. I’m puzzled though, why would these babies eat different food to the adults? Come to think of it what do they eat, the adults I mean.

    • Apparently they eat whatever plant they live on, which is probably why the adult one from yesterday was parsley green! If the babies eat rose petals that can be what colours them red or yellow. The colour only lasts a few moults and then they become the same colour green as the adults.

      I have never seen these babies on appropriately coloured plants though. This one was on an agapanthus, I often find them there or on the rosemary!

      • That’s really strange then. There must be something in the plant that has nothing to do with its appearance. And it can’t be a survival mechanism coz these little guys would stick out to all predators.

        • They are quite bouncy and unbelievably small though, one wouldn’t be much of a meal! Sometimes I have accidentally taken photos of them while I am looking at something else and not even noticed until I blow them up on the computer!
          We have a giant rose bush which grows up to the top of the Ti-Trees right near the agapanthus and rosemary. I expect that they eat those flowers and accidentally drop out of the sky onto the green leaves of everything else. 🙂

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