10 comments on “Happy Mythical Birthday. 1930.

  1. -giggles- Evil woman. :p I’m not /that/ old yet but my bank account wouldn’t turn it’s nose up at some 24 carat gold tails. 😀 Thank you. -hugs-

    • I was hoping you wouldn’t be too busy with the Book and miss this post 🙂
      I hope you had a good birthday weekend, and good luck with the frustrating Amazon. I’m still waiting for the “It’s Up!” post 😀

      • Apologies for not reading the post on the day. I literally did not come up for air until last night. The last few days have been a blur punctuated by dinner at the Warrandyte pub and takeaways. Tonight I’m going to celebrate by cooking a decent meal of real food! -hugs-

        • I wanted to post it on the actual day but I thought I would save it for the Monday. I guessed that your real birthday would be waaaay too busy!
          I am sure that the Daughter will be glad to get real conversation out of you again though 😉

  2. Grow your own woman, you say… I knew there was a good reason why I put food out for the fox every night.

    • Just imagine if you went to all that effort and on the eve of the foxes fiftieth birthday some stray dog went and ruined it all….
      I think that the grow your own woman thing would be hugely popular wouldn’t it, foxes would go from vermin to adored overnight!

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