6 comments on “Worm farm intruder.

  1. I have been thinking of you and the heat… your bug looks like a camoflage earthmover beetle. We have had very warm days, but cooler with cloud cover today, hence the [unusual] internet access at home at TA 🙂
    I have only managed to post a few images via my phone when in town, on to elladee_ images & places…

    • I bet there have been many things you wanted to post about but even if you had web access were too relaxed to bother with…. 🙂 Holidays never last long enough, do they?

      • I eventually managed to figure out how to do quick uploads from my phone when we were in town, and had one cloudy afternoon of bare internet coverage at TA. Not entirely satisfactory, as there were times I would’ve like to catch up, and I made some poor choices in my reading selection, so catching up on the blogging world would have been nice. Had the holiday lasted any longer, I would never have re-emerged, I think.

        • Oh well, next time you need to take a loaded kindle. Never a dull moment then. 🙂
          I agree about not wanting to come back. We would miss you, but I totally understand!

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