23 comments on “The Tom Cole collection. Well, the bits I have found anyway…..

  1. Wow! He sure crammed a lot of “adventure” into his life. Having never heard of him, I kept expecting him to wind up dead somewhere towards the end of the post (due to some unfortunate accident). Which he did die, but in 1995! Much, much later than I had expected.

    • I kept expecting him to have died earlier too. Good to hear he lasted so long.
      There was another Tom Cole in the outback in the early 1900’s, so when I first found the name and started looking for articles it seemed as though he was performing the manly acts for nearly half a century, I was quite impressed until I realized it was two seperate people.

  2. The world is short of Tom Coles now. Maybe as the article said things changed with the advent of new things like nightlights or maybe there just aren’t the same frontiers need conquering these days. It’s a shame, I think we’ve lost something.

    • I think it is a case of there are not those same frontiers. These days people get to drive their airconditioned luxury four-wheel-drives on nice tracks to places that were only accessible after days or weeks of hard slog on horseback in the past. There are still adventures to be had but I guess the hard edges have been taken off most things like that now.

          • I’m sure there are some, but most of the country stories I see on the ABC seem to feature people mustering on dirt bikes. The march of technology..

          • Bikes are cheaper to maintain I guess.

            Did you know that Bourke Street in the city (west of the PO) used to be called the Wild West because of all the horsey establishments there? They used to muster cattle and break horses in the street. Hard to imagine today isn’t it!

          • Seriously? It’s hard to believe staid old Melbourne could ever be that interesting. Although I suppose back then, horses would not have been the novelty they are now.

          • What a great article Metan. I’ve lived in Melbourne mos of my life and I had no idea what it was like back then. It all seems so staid and business-like now and yet, if I think about it, those old time shops etc /would/ have been the epitome of ‘business’ back then. Plus a bit of fun. 😉

          • I’m glad you had a look at it, it is amazing to think of Bouke Street as an outer suburb isn’t it.
            When we walk through the city we always look above the ground level frontages, the city above the hoardings is a very different place. Imagine a horse bazaar there now!

          • -grin- Birds of a feather. It’s the older parts of the city I’ve always loved, and I discovered the other day that I’m not the only one.

            I haven’t been in the CBD for years but I was in there recently, with time to wonder around, and I was amazed by the small lanes between Flinders and Bourke, and Swanston and Elizabeth. So many tiny cafes in old buildings, and ALL of them filled to the rafters with the lunchtime crowd. The ambience was amazing. The food was pretty good too. None of this sterile food court stuff. Reminded my why I’ve always loved Melbourne. 🙂

          • We hardly eve go to the city too, a pity, because when we do I come back with my head filled with the old buildings and what went on in them. I wish we looked after those buildings better, to see them being neglected or demolished is just such a loss 😦

    • I am really pleased to hear that someone has read it!
      I would love to know more about what the G.O. thought of the book. I haven’t seen it myself but am keeping an eye out for it. I can only imagine what tales Tom Cole might have had that didn’t make it into the book!
      Too bad that your holiday is drawing to a close 🙂 Hope the time away was a success and that you are dangerously relaxed!

      • I’ll ask him for a book review… I’ve yet to read it. I was dangerously relaxed but now I’m back and cannot come to grips with the ‘real’ world…

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