17 comments on “My favourite xmas present.

  1. I gave my Mum a list of cheap books and so there was little surprise for me! Good books though. I did get one potential jewel but I’m yet to watch it and find out if it is what I think it is… I’m being cryptic at this stage. Glad you had a good Christmas.

    • A list is a good idea, while I love getting books as presents I really love it when it is a book that I actually wanted. Good luck with your possible treasure, do I detect a new post in the offing?

      I am really lucky, my sister works in a good bookshop and if I ask a book related question at some stage in the year she will tuck the info away for my birthday or xmas and, VOILA!, what I really wanted will appear. In fact, the only thing she has let me down on is that she gives me books instead of the bit of Shaun Tan original art I know she has tucked away at home. I have a space on the wall saved for it, but noooooo, she seems to be keeping it for herself. Lucky bugger…..

      • I got fed up being pestered for stuff I want, so I make a list throughout the year now, and will pass it on when they’ve got cheaper through being out a while!

        My blogging year anniversary is coming up in January (about the 23rd, I need to check) and I’ve started this post before watching this DVD with the plan of putting it out then! Only if it doesn’t contain what I think it does then all that’s going to fall apart. But yeah, it’s going to be a big one!

          • Without having seen it I know that, even at best, it’s not a “professional” recorded DVD as it’s an hour of camcorder footage filmed in 1991! It’s from an event that holds great significance to my life and I’m just hoping for a specific clip to bein there. Whether it’s how I remember it or not is all part of the story. And, I’ve thought about it, as I’m guessing that you’re a similar age to me, as you’re from Australia (if there’s overlap with NZ TV, I’m not sure how it works there), the person it involves will be greatly familiar to your childhood too!

        • Not a jerk at all! Anyway, you can easily redeem yourself. You know where I am 😉

          Did you read the comments below? Emma suggested wallpapering the loo in pages from Shaun Tan books so there would always be something to read. I so want to do that!

          Happy New Year to you, Teach and the Rocket 😀

    • He is Australian too, so he writes and draws the familiar, galahs and rosellas on the backyard missiles.

      People like Shaun Tan are the reason why people will keep buying real books and not just ebooks, his books are that beautiful.
      You would really love The Arrival, fleeing a dangerous place, going to a completely strange place, friendship, family, weird animals. I bet you will shed a tear too!

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