16 comments on “How to make gravy.

  1. I enjoyed the music video! PS You make me wanna come to Australia! I have never been there..And I would make a southern gravy for you like my grandma used to make!

    • You wouldn’t want to come to my little corner of Australia today, the power has gone off because of the strong winds! (I love my laptop) The kids and I are on the couch watching out of the front window as the gum trees blow around like twigs.
      The worst part is that means our little AC has gone off and the temperature is rising….. It is only 8.40am and it is already 28c (83F) Aaarrrggghh!

      I will be thinking of your southern gravy when I am eating the roast on xmas day (that I didn’t have to cook, yay!) Merry xmas 😀

    • High winds right now! Hopefully it will settle down for santa otherwise the presents might get blown away 😉
      Hope you and your boys have a great xmas too 😀

  2. Paul Kelly — how wonderful! He captures that aching for the ordinary, doesn’t he? Have a great Christmas — and don’t muddle up the wrapping paper with the shortbread!

    • He really has a way of putting his finger right on the heart of the everyday and making it special doesn’t he? I just love his songs.

      We have had a great xmas so far, and managed not to eat anything not intended for comsumption. Not too much that is good for us of course, but all proper food 😉
      Hope your xmas was great too 😀

    • We were pretty lucky this year, the weather was perfect and not too hot. Last year it was hot and then a massive storm blew up washing everything away. One year it was so weird we even took the kids to the snow up the road on Boxing Day!

      Paul Kelly is pretty good at making his songs world-friendly, he might be referring to particularly Australian things but manages to make them instantly recognizable to all.

      Hope you had a good xmas, and weren’t too cold 🙂

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