6 comments on “Doomsday fling. 1953.

    • What a morning after that would have been! I wonder if all the non-believers in the village suddenly became far more powerful at the expense of those who were more guillible. What a switch of social dynamics that could have been.

  1. Oh that is so … scary. I haven’t seen that movie. Maybe I should. Then again, maybe I shouldn’t. Unlike the Mayan calendar, that meteor or whatever it was, was real. 😦

    • You will enjoy it if you are a Bruce Willis fan, yet another movie where America saves the rest of the world from disaster….
      It does have some great (?) scenes where meteor storms destroy some well-known cities. Human society is a fragile thing.

  2. I’ll have to do a little research later today, but years ago I read a short story by I.B.Singer about a Jewish village convinced of the return of the Messiah. They slaughtered the animals and feasted, basically behaved as if there would be no tomorrow — no struggle, no work, no obligations and then…. NOTHING. I’ve got to find it again.

    • I’d love to hear more on that story. I think people love the thought of no responsibilities or repercussions don’t they. Pity they don’t think it through a bit more!

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