18 comments on “It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine…

    • I think that your chances are pretty good of getting to do that hike. It had better not be the end of the world, there is an electric guitar with number 1’s name on it waiting for xmas, if I don’t get to see his face when he opens it it WILL be the end of the world for someone! 🙂

  1. Maybe it’s the 21st at the time it would have arrived in South America and if it starts there most of us will already have enjoyed at least some of the day.It’ll be a bummer if it hits me before my lunch.
    As you say, it’s been nice knowing Y’all but I’ll probably catch tomorrows blog anyway. x Hugs

    • You are probably right. Maybe you should take the Lady J out for a nice lunch and make sure you get the extra cake. If it is the end of the world you shouldn’t deprive yourself 🙂

  2. I was wondering this myself, when I noticed that I friend in Okinawa posted a picture on Facebook of possibly the last ever sunset… just as I was logging on this morning. I think Lord David is probably right, it’d have to end whenever the Mayans would have experienced the 21st.

    • I think it does sound like a reasonable explanation. Oh well, I still have a few more hours…. I think that I will be taking Davids advice as well and going out for a nice lunch, after all, we might not make it to dinner 😉

  3. I’ve just finished my last [hectic] day of work, and packing to go away… while the G.O. is at his Christmas party… I hope I get a sleep in before the end of the world 😉

    • Well the world can’t possibly end just before you go away, that would be totally unfair.

      Enjoy your xmas at T.A. Hopefully santa has no problem finding you and delivering that big box of relaxation 🙂

  4. Of the 790 episodes of Doctor Who (including this Christmas’s Snowmen Special) only one of them were made by Americans: In it the world was set to (and spoiler alert, it did, before it didn’t again) turn itself inside out at midnight of the millennium (even though it wasn’t the proper millennium as that was at the END of 2000) which then occurred (and was filmed, I saw it with my own eyes) in every time zone at midnight… err… at the same time. Doesn’t make sense, I know, but the American version was rubbish save for Paul McGann.

    They even cast Julia Roberts’ brother as the Master, and chipmunks for Daleks… Don’t get me started. Just don’t get me started.

    Anyway there was a radio documentary about this Friday on Radio 4 the other day and a Mayan expert explained how the calendar didn’t end but carries on for thousands more years due to its complicated set-up. The programme also detailed a lot of wacko survivalists who are holing themselves up in survival shelters, armed to the teeth, waiting for society to collapse! And these people interpret any little sign as proof that something bad has happened.

    If you’re reading this inside your bunker now, I apologise and ignore all the above. Except for the bit about Julia Roberts’ brother, though, not that bit.

    • Chipmunks for Daleks? That is the end of the world!

      We didn’t bother with a bunker, if the electricity goes out and I can’t charge my kindle, laptop, ipods etc the family would rather be dead than have to listen to me whining for the rest of their lives 😉

      I wonder how long after the 21st the survivalists will wait before climbing back out into the sunlight to check what happened?

      Good luck if the world begins to crumble, hopefully Julia Roberts brother isn’t the only other one in your town (conveniently visiting for the purposes of my story) who survives, otherwise you might wish you had met your end too….

    • I expect you have as much time as you need… You could go out to a lavish lunch though, you know, just in case 😉

      It is about 10 to 12 here so I will know soon if all that money spent on xmas presents for the kids was a waste 🙂

  5. I’m wondering how people, who thought the world was going to end, are going to feel tomorrow when/if the world doesn’t end tomorrow? Will they be able to laugh about it in the aftermath or will it make them cynical? Just a thought.

    • I think that people who believe that kind of thing aren’t the type who can just laugh it off. Don’t they usually make some sort of excuse and transfer their beliefs to another day in the future?
      Of course, they might be eating baked beans for xmas dinner after stocking up so diligently 😉

      • You know I was thinking… The ONLY thing that could possibly destroy South America [and let’s face it, that /was/ the world as far as the Mayans were concerned] is a massive comet or asteroid hitting somewhere near Mexico.

        I suspect NASA would see something that big before it actually hit so… I’m not bothering with a will today. 😀

        • The kids asked me to explain why people thought the world was going to end today, when I did they rolled their eyes and wondered why people were being so silly. We ended up likening it to a 2012 diary running out and that meaning there would be no 2013.

          Hopefully if a planet killing rock falls from the sky it will land on my house. No point surviving the initial blast only to die horribly weeks later…..

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