9 comments on “Wheel of death. 1902.

  1. I don’t even want to think about what their intentions were… I wonder why you would put such a thing on display… people’s appetite for the ghoulish never ceases to amaze me.

    • I guess in the days before horror movies (which I never watch) going to see real life torture implements would have given the same kind of enjoyment.

      It they were so intent on doing this bloke harm I wonder what happened to him after he disappeared? I can’t imagine they would have just given up after that…

    • I bet the back story to this event was very interesting. I think this guy got a pretty clear message that someone didn’t like him. I am sure you could create a very interesting MONSTER story from it though! 🙂 Maybe the biggest monster was the sadistic creature who created such a device in the first place.

      The first thing I thought when reading the article was a traditional Buck’s night prank gone horribly wrong, and a group of extremely sore-headed men waking up with a nagging feeling of guilt and wondering where the hell they left the groom!

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