11 comments on “Christmas beetle.

  1. Very striking. Right, why is it called the Christmas Beetle? The Colour, or because it only appears then? How long do you have it for and then what happens to it? Maybe you can get your son to answer as homework. xx Hugs

  2. He is a beauty, complete with reindeer antler-antenna’s. Maybe we could have an Aussie Christmas version of Santa and his sleigh drawn not by reindeer, nor 6 white bommers (thnx Rolf) but 6 jewel like Chrissie beetles… how cool would that be… 😉

    • That is how I feel about frogs as well.
      Whenever there is a wide variety of critters in the garden I am a happy person, to me it means all is going well out there. 🙂

      • Oh Metan you have to get a pond! I put in a smallish fibreglass one [you know the off-the-shelf, rock look-alike type] and it is teeming with tadpoles all year round, plus I have at least one resident frog! I love listening to him luring his lady-loves to the ‘boudoir’ then in the morning I find all those eggs floating amongst the water lillies. 😀

        • Aww, that sounds nice 🙂

          We do have frogs here even though we have no water. Many frogs breed in water but live in damp dark places like under our verandah. We have a family of tree frogs (Verreaux’s Tree Frogs?) who live there. It is making thoughts of building a new back verandah hard as we don’t want to disturb them!

          We are planning to put a pond in as we are (slowly) re-doing the front yard. I really hope frogs move in there too 🙂

          • The closest water to our pond is a small, mostly dry damn a few acres over yet they found the pond and moved in really quickly. 😀 I’ve got a lot of rockery type rocks and in winter I find heaps of frogs underneath rocks. How they get there I have no idea but I’ve learned to be very careful when landscaping. 😀

  3. So interesting to hear from the other side of the world this time of year. We’re coming up on the winter solstice here and thinking about snow. Great to hear about beetles, birds & flowers for the holidays.

    • Glad you are enjoying it 🙂 Christmas is always sun and barbeques (and mozzies) here, so seeing the traditional snowy scene is something most Aussies will never experience. Looking out of the window to cold and snow sounds lovely but I expect the reality is a very different thing. 🙂

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