24 comments on “A dancing beetle.

  1. Well he looks impressive to me! Just before the fall… Always because of women isn’t it! How predicable us men are.

    • Most men would consider concussion a small price to pay if it meant getting lucky wouldn’t they?
      I wonder if this guy gave it all up as a bad joke and crawled off for a drink once he came round or climbed back up and started the dance again?

        • Maybe fall into a vat of radioactive goo first. That way you might become Beetle Man (insert theme music of your choosing here) and have a chance of surviving the fall.

          Hmmm… that might work out badly though, you might be overcome with a desire to curl up your bum and wiggle your arms at women at inappropriate times….

  2. Your dancing beetle is somehow related to me… maybe he’s my totem. I cannot dance, not even when I’ve had a few wines. I don’t even think I can dance. What annoys me more is the G.O. can dance, and won’t, and no, not just with me but I could’t blame him if that was the case… 🙂

    • Totally with you, I am a non dancer too. I will sway with the kids and pretend that I am willing but there is no way I am doing the dancefloor thing. Too bad that the G.O. can’t spread a little of his ability to you!

      • Oh, no… not being able to dance doesn’t stop me going onto the dance floor 😉 And, that is exactly the [unsuccessful] argument I used with the G.O. – dance with me & make me look good 🙂

        • I look forward to tales of EllaDee and her beetle dance, waving her bum around and flailing her arms 😉 Perhaps the G.O. is scared of your dance style rubbing off onto him! 😀

    • Imagine if Fred Astaire had a few extra legs. What a sight that would have been! If this guy had extra sticky feet and pulled off the climb he certainly would have got the girl.

  3. The girl in the ‘successful couple’ must have been so pleased she made the right choice — but then again, was the right one? Hmmmm.

    By the way, can I show off and say that I think I can identify your mystery man? I think it is a plague soldier beetle — not because it carries the plague, but because they come in plague proportions. I helped some school kids work out what they were, because they were everywhere in the playground.

    Your photo is stunning!

    • Thank you! I hadn’t got around to identifying the beetle and really, I never trust my identifications anyway. I always worry that there is some crucial aspect I have overlooked that makes me totally wrong!

      I can imagine they are plague beetles as I have seen heaps of them lately. The thing we usually get in plague proportions though is the Portuguese millipede. Number 2 loves them but they drive me mad!

      I am glad you liked the photo too, so nice when they give me an interesting pose to snap. 🙂

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