23 comments on “The Mayans were right. It IS the end of the world. Julia told me so.

    • Well, I say all is well and that we can go about our lives just as if we will wake up on the 22nd as if nothing had happened.

      If I’m wrong feel free to come down here and give me a good kick in the pants though 😉

    • I think this is the first time I have laughed with Julia rather than AT Julia.

      Unless you count when we watched her in that show “At Home With Julia”. Yeah, I know it wasn’t really her but I could easily see it being a true reflection of her 😉

  1. I could never be bothered to number all the pages in my chemistry lab book all the way to the end… It wasn’t a prediction about the end of times, just that I’d get around to it at a later date as why do you need something going so far into the future anyway!

    • I always imagined that the person who was making this particular calendar got to a point where he went to himself “Bugger this, I’m off. It’s not like I’m not going to be around to be blamed for a half-assed job”. Either that or we just never found the second page and assumed the worst 😉

      • I’m with you on this. Some poor slob of a scribe probably got tired at some point, figured no one was going to check every single bit of work he did, and slid the whole thing into the Mayan equivalent of a filing cabinet and then traipsed off to a cookout for the weekend.

        • There was a cartoon I saw in the Fortean Times magazine a while ago that depicted the guy finishing the calendar, the caption was him joking “This’ll freak them out” (or something similar). I can just imagine that happening 🙂

    • You’re right, politicians are doing a good job of ruining things all on their own. The end of the world most people are thinking of would be like all of the worst disaster movies all crammed into one wouldn’t it!

      The only way the world can end is if it actually ceases to exist as a planet. Otherwise it is just the end of humanity and, really, without us the world would just go on as if nothing had happened.

      If some sort of cataclysm was to occur I doubt it would really be The End Of The World, it would just be the end of us. What egos we humans have!

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