14 comments on “Canary craze. 1929.

    • I wonder how many bird-hating sailors were aboard? I bet there were a few of them wishing they could just turf the cages overboard to get a little peace!

    • I had an Aunt who had canaries and would put a teatowel over the cage to stop the singing. After reading this I had a mental picture of those 700 birds in their cages being smuggled aboard under hundreds of teatowels in a desperate attempt to keep them quiet 🙂

      I wonder if the captain was a little more lenient on the sailors as they were returning home than he would have been if they were travelling on further?

  1. Ewww…. I have nothing against canaries… in single digit quantities at most… 700 in a confined space would stink, but given the environment, they probably wouldn’t be the only thing that did.

    • I think that there would be so little personal space on a ship at the best of times that those 700 birds probably drove those who weren’t fanatics completely mad…. I’m guessing there were a few sleeping on deck to get get away from the stink!

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