13 comments on “Saving it for later. 1911.

  1. I had a very bad time at Southport as a child at the fun fare but didn’t know of the zoo. I just looked it up to see that it closed in 2004 when the council closed them down. Oddly it was right next to the fun fare, it seems.

    Even more oddly is that the site is now used by a Laser-Quest-style company and they’ve kept many of the original zoo buildings and cages so you can have a shoot-out in the animal “apartments”.

    • It is strange when later on in life we find out about some part of our childhood that we feel we should have known at the time. I am surprised that you didn’t see it if it was right next to the fun fair.

      Although, thinking about it as a parent, sometimes we go out of our way to make sure the kids don’t notice something when we are out just so we don’t have to pay for the entry or suffer through something we are not in the right frame of mind for.

      Maybe after your bad time that day your parents just wanted to get you out of there instead of having to drag a grumpy kid through the zoo desperately trying to resist the temptation to throw you to the lions…. 😉

      Interesting that it is a laser tag venue now. It might be worth the cost of a game to go and have a look at those old buildings. Of course it could be a good place to arrange a game with some annoying workmates and take a pocketful of your own padlocks. 🙂

      • I may have seen it, but I have no memory. It was a trip on a coach with the Cubs and I remember that there was a lot of waiting about in the morning (somewhere for some reason) where I suddenly developed horrific diarrhoea! The fact that I remember this twenty five years later shows how I remember Southport. Also – and perhaps it wasn’t the same funfair, I don’t know – I also remember that the last ride we went on before having to leave was the ghost train and was very disappointing.

        I know that a shoot out in the old lion cages of a Victorian-era zoo (I can’t find when it opened) sounds cool, but as it closed in 2004 I’m guessing that with constant animal welfare reform it’s not going to be as exciting and as period as you’d like to imagine.

        • Oh my, an excursion and diarrhoea. That is both you and the supervising adults worst nightmare. I can see that experience might have scarred you for life. It is probably just as well that the Ghost Train was a disappointment, I imagine that in your condition it would have been quite easy to scare the sh*t out of you 😀

          • Crikey, you’re right! I just google earth-ed it and tried to have a look myself. I street-viewed around the block, and up and down a few streets, and couldn’t find anything interesting. Clearly the street view person couldn’t even be bothered sneaking up their driveway for a look!

    • Four times luckier than one foot! I did wonder if the alligator had intentionally refrained from eating the rabbit, or if it was just used to the food being accessible with this rabbit a bit speedier than its usual fare. I wonder what the eventual fate of the bunny was?

  2. There are quite a few mismatched animal companion stories around but this is one of the strangest. I’m with you, I think the bunny kept out of the lazy alligator’s way, and yes, institutionalised alligator was accustomed to having pre-prepared meals not live DIY ones 🙂

    • It reminded me of when you see the reptiles in the pet shops with grasshoppers just wandering around the tank uneaten. It is not that they have made friends, it is just that there is no need to chase the meal down as you know it will still be there later when you are hungry.

      We had a turtle years ago and sometimes the feeder fish that we put in the tank for decoration would disappear quickly and sometimes they would last for months. I noticed that the fish were always careful to stay far away from her, it wasn’t that the turtle didn’t want to eat them, she just couldn’t be bothered with the chase.

  3. I wonder if alligators have a strong sense of smell? Perhaps there was something about this particular bunny that smelled ‘off’? A cat would probably want to play with something even if it smelled inedible but I can’t imagine an alligator being playful.

    • I don’t know if alligators would worry about how their food smells, they seem like quite indiscriminate feeders to me. You never know though, if something about the bunny was different it might have put him off. I would really love to know what it was though, perhaps it would be the first effective crocodile repellent!

      (Loving your Miira post today, just so you know 😀 😀 )

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