12 comments on “Happy birthday present to me! Cheep cheep…

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  2. Awwww…. 😀 You know when you can ‘hear’ a smile in someone’s voice? Well I could ‘hear’ your smile all through this post. Your chicks are lovely and so is your Man! Hope you can hear my smile as well. -hugs-

    • It is funny how amusing those little bundles of fluff and feather are. It was nice of the Man to get the shed for me. The nicest part was that him buying it instead of me meant he was actually committing to putting it together. If I had bought it he would have moaned about it for months before picking up a drill and helping me!

      Hopefully this weekend their fence will be completely chick proof so we can let them out for a scratch on the ground. That will mean hours of entertainment for us and might even drag the kids away from the Wii.

      • I think the abandonment of the wii will be a temporary thing but yes, you will get a lot of fun out of watching them grow. What does Jack think of them?

        • I think it will be temporary too but any voluntary time away from it is a step in the right direction!

          Jack thinks they look delicious! Once they are bigger than her mouth she will be allowed to get close enough to them to try for a snap and then thoroughly scolded so she becomes wary of eating them. I suspect that they will never be safe with her though.

          • Sadly Jack Russells are good with chickens…catching them at least. There used to be chickens next door [they’ve moved now along with their owners] but one day a half grown chick found a way out of their coup into my front yard. Had some visitors with a Jack Russell and the first we knew about it that chick was a goner. 😦

          • I have worded the kids up about ckickens not being the most long-lived critters. I know it won’t make them feel any better about one of them getting eaten but they are realists and know that these things happen in nature. They know we will do our best to avoid Jack, and the fox, and the cat getting their share but it could still happen. Their uncle has pet chooks and one of his dogs ‘played’ with one recently, killing it, so they have an awareness of it.

            That said, hopefully they all die peacefully as old age pensioners!

          • lmao – I like that ‘all die peacefully as old age pensioners!’ I’m imagining a bunch of arthritic chooks, sitting in rocking chairs and complaining about ‘the kids these days’. 😀

          • As soon as I wrote that I had the same vision! Poking their walking stick through the fence at the dog and cackling madly 😀

  3. These are the best birthday presents ever, chook pen, installation of chook pen, chooks and eventually eggs and manure for the garden… the gift that keeps on giving. Though remember, when you let the chooks out into the garden no insect will be safe.

    • I admit I am a little scared of them eating all my critters but they probably won’t get too much unsupervised time free ranging. The cat next door is quite the killer and we have a fox (who I have seen strolling down the road in the middle of the day) who leaves feathery evidence of its exploits on the Hill all the time. The run they will be let out in every day has more than enough space to keep 4 chooks happy though.

      It was the best present ever, something we can all enjoy and that is good for us as well. To me though the most amazing part of it was that the Man put it up without needing an intervention! 😉

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