12 comments on “A sunny weekend and too much hard work!

    • 40 degrees? That’s quite hot! 😉

      We are on celcius here so 40deg is hot enough to keep everyone whining and eating icypoles all day.

      I had to look up a conversion only to find that 40f = 4.4c, eeek! In that case no matter how beautiful the day it is probably best viewed from in front of the fire. 🙂

    • The only problem is the monday morning when we all lie in bed moaning about having to get up because we feel like we had no weekend whatsoever 🙂

  1. lol – not bad for a Claytons post. 😀 And now I have an idea to put before you. -cough- You know what’s missing in the gardening/photographic book area? It’s a book that shows you what various plants, animals and insects look like! A sort of graphic dictionary. I am forever trying to find things out about stuff in my garden and always failing because a) I don’t know its name and b) can’t find its name because verbal descriptions are useless…

    So…what do you think?

    • That would mean I had to know what they were myself! 😉

      My knowledge of bugs is mainly thanks to Youngest sister who is a serial book gifter. Thanks to her we have both ‘Bugs Alive- a Guide to Keeping Australian Invertebrates’ and ‘Backyard Insects’ which are both brilliant.

      They are full of clear photos and tell you all about the bugs. ‘Bugs Alive’ (done by Museum Victoria) is great because it tells you how to look after the bugs as well (that one belongs to Number 2 who is bug obsessed).

  2. Your post resonates with me. We have a 4 day weekend next and are heading to our house up north to pre-prepare for Christmas hols. They’ve had no rain then lots of rain so I’m not sure if to expect dead garden, overgrown garden, dusty house or house full of mould… I do know I have to scrub the back bathroom which has been sadly neglected… it’s all so nice when it’s done but doing it is a killer. Hope you feel somewhat recovered today.

    • 4 day weekend? Lucky you! I hope that when you get there it is to a lush and beautiful garden that only needs a mow and a bit of weeding, and a slightly dusty house. Dead garden and mouldy house are just too much to think about!

      I am not needed at work at the moment so thanks to the couch I am quite recovered today, I just feel for the Man who had to go back to work just like the weekend never happened!

      It is very satisfying to get so much done in a short time but while it is going on……

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