17 comments on “The Wuuluman Monster. 1910.

  1. Hehe, I’ll have to tell my sisters about this one!

    This is slightly off topic, but have you ever heard of the Jersey Devil?

    • Drop Bears, Bunyips, the Wuuluman monster….. it is surprising that any of us campers have ever lived to tell the tale! 😉

      I have heard of the Jersey Devil before. 🙂 Now you have reminded me I might have to do a search for some articles on it!

        • This monster certainly has gone above and beyond in the scary features stakes hasn’t he? Perhaps your theory is correct, there was some sort of chemical assistance that caused them to sprout! 😉

  2. I suspect a bit of the BIG FISH story where some small incident gets bigger with each telling, As for the real life fate of the real life dog…. umm probably nothing quite so unusual.

    • I agree, it definitely smells like a big fish story. Turning up on a neighbouring doorstep in a panic would probably need something pretty good to keep you from being the butt of the joke for the forseeable future! 🙂

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