28 comments on “Cutest ways to die.

    • She is a little bit English isn’t she? It sounds like the song is designed to appeal to the world, after all, an Aussie is never going to encounter a Grizzly Bear or piranha at home, are they! 😉 I’m willing to overlook that because of the insanely high adorability levels though.

        • I’m not comfortable with it but if I had turned off every time something international infected Australian television I would never watch anything 😦

          Metro trains is a private company operating the train network under contract for the govt. If it was a govt department I would really be annoyed but if they are paying for it I guess they can do what they want. 😦

          • Maybe they’re an English company? :).

            I know what you mean – though I have become accustomed to hearing us on the ABC’s own programs – it’s something you notice when you’re living abroad.

            Lets hope the ad works for the kids as well as it does on us big people!

          • My kids are still singing it! I doubt it will work though, even if it is playing loudly on the ipod of the next distracted teenager to duck under the boomgates and walk in front of a train.

            There have been a few accidents lately where people drive through level crossings and get taken out by the train. I really think that nothing will stop people who are silly enough to drive around boomgates.

            Speaking of foreign accents, there is a show whose name elude me (perhaps Highway Patrol?) that we get here following along with police patrolling the roads of NZ. If you didn’t hear the Kiwi accent of the narrator you would think it is an English show as most of the coppers seem to have English origins! Very strange 🙂

          • Hmmmm…. I wonder why? I have never been to NZ but I can’t imagine that policing there or here in Australia would be that much different. I always think of NZ as a nice place, not one you would be trying to get away from!

          • I’m not going to argue with them if they think Australia is better. I have no concrete reason for this, just bind nationalism 😉

    • And the dance they are doing! The kids and I were sitting on the couch singing the song and doing the little arm motions and laughing our heads off. I think I might have to download the song just to play it at unexpected times when we need some silliness 🙂

    • The last three deaths (too close to the edge of the platform, driving around boom gates and crossing the tracks) are something that is fairly current news as there have been a few deaths/serious injuries recently from people doing those very things.

      I guess that flashing lights and a speeding steel wall of doom isn’t enough to make idiots pay attention so they are trying to sing some sense into them….

    • Who would have thought a railway could come up with something funny to encourage safety instead of sounding like a lecture?

      I was lying in bed this morning and number 1 son came in, snuggled up and we both started humming this song simultaneously just to annoy each other. It was hilarious! 😀

    • More than 11 million view on youtube can’t be wrong, it is brilliant!

      I am actually listening to it (I put it in my ipod) as I write this and the kids are singing along. I think their favourite is “use your private parts as piranha bait” 😀

          • lmao – as a nation we really do have a twisted sense of humour. And let’s not forget we’re also the ones who came up with the Grim Reaper ads about AIDs!

          • I’d forgotten about that one! We do have some very funny ads sometimes. Do you remember the “Sic ’em Rex” undies commercial? That was a great one too 🙂

          • Oh yes! One of my all time favourites. 😀 The weird thing is I can remember the ad but I can never remember /which/ brand of undies it was for?!?

          • They were Antz Pantz! I remembered, but only just. 😉 Those stupid Bonds undies ads have taken over our minds now, haven’t they….

          • That’s it! Thanks… it’s been bothering me. Then again I can’t really remember the brands for any of my favourite ads. The bugger ad? And do you remember that one where the tag line is ‘Not happy Jan!’?

          • I can’t remember about the bugger ad and the “Not happy Jan” ad was broadcast in the years when we had no tv reception here. The best ads are the ones that make us laugh but the are not always the best at brainwashing us!

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