6 comments on “My new obsession……

  1. It’s obviously staggering what you can find in the most unlikely places. Back then it’s not likely to have been thrown for a car either so were there wagons going through there? Maybe a cattle of sheep drive and the trail boss got annoyed because his skin was unprotected from the heat.

    • The property we were on was a distance beyond an area known for its gold so I imagine that the origins of the jar may have been with them. It is possible carts/wagons would have gone through there but much of Australia’s history was made on foot.
      It is hard to imagine people seeking gold there. You are out in the desert with searing temperatures and zero water. I expect that the soothing effects of cold cream would have been very welcome! (Perhaps secretly in the case of a hard bitten miner)

  2. This is a great bottle collecting story, and amazing picture of its provenance… When we get on our travels I’ll be keeping my eyes open… found bottle and bits of crockery are the best. I still get a kick out of the cleaning mix’s chemical reaction… works on blocked drains as well 😉

    • Having a story like that about finding it is way better than buying it in a junk shop (even though that is exciting too), I think it will probably be my favourite forever.

      The kids have suggested I put food colouring in the mix to make the reaction even more interesting 😀

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