9 comments on “Ants delay train. 1934.

    • I hadn’t heard of that story before but thanks to you I found this homemade claymation movie about it “Ten miles long, two miles wide—ants, nothing but ants!” That is a lot of ants!!
      I love the crocodile scene in this short 🙂

  1. The thing is, if you stop to try and get rid of the ants, they swarm over you, climb into the train and get everywhere else. We have fire ants here, and their nests can hold 100,000 or more of the little stinging devils. I’d hate to have to get out and take care of an issue like this were it an ant like that.

    • I think even the most harmless ants would be a problem in those numbers but biting ants like fire ants, OW!
      Just imagine what the rest of the trip might have been like for the passengers? The train was moving but there may well have been some unwelcome guests making their presence felt. The end of that trip would have been a relief wouldn’t it!

      • And even if there weren’t any ants aboard, everyone would have been constantly looking down at their feet, or along the side panels, worried that they were about to be overrun. The experience must have done wonders for the train company’s marketing efforts, too.

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