13 comments on “Who says cartoons aren’t real?

    • It never fails to amuse me when English speakers use slightly different terms in different places. We would use curb to curb your appetite, cars hit the kerb. 🙂

      I have often thought of doing a post about the cultural differences in the same language but there are so many examples I don’t know where to begin!

      I wonder if the pollice were a little lenient on him after his antics entertained them so much?

      • A trampoline? Haha, serves him right!

        Language difference would definitely make an interesting post! Should we expect to see such a post in the near future?

        • Hmmm…. I might have to start working on it. It would give me an excuse to sit on the couch all day and watch a selection of movies for ‘research purposes’ and neglect the housework!

  1. I’m sure this fellow’s cellmates got a good chuckle, too, right before they beat him senseless for being a chowderhead. Of course, I’m for anything that gives the police a laugh – they probably need a good one now and again with what they have to put up with.

    • You’re not wrong. Usually drunk driver stories have far more painful endings don’t they? I doubt that kids life will get better in a hurry. At 17 a stolen vehicle, evading arrest, drugs, alcohol… His parents must be so proud 😦

      I am sure that the police are still chuckling about it though, you are right, they need all the laughs they can get.

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