7 comments on “Onion Orchid. Better than it sounds!

  1. I agree, who names these things? So tiny and ordinary looking you would look twice from standing height but up close, they’re amazing. Hah… dog logic, if they’re paying so much attention to it, it must be good to eat 🙂

    • Dog logic, I like that 🙂 I admit that on days when she is particularly interested in what I’m doing I get all set up to take a pretend photo to get her attention and when she is distracted quickly whip around and take the picture of the thing I really want before she notices!

      The onion orchids do have great camouflage with the flowers being the same colour as everything else around them, unless you are looking for them they just look ike extra fat grass 🙂

  2. You should be thanking Jack for providing such a great point of comparison! I read ‘tiny’ but I didn’t really understand ‘tiny’ until I saw it next to Jack’s nose. 😀 I hope you’re mulling over that book idea….. -innocent look-

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