27 comments on “The World of Poo and birthday cakes. Not at the same time though!

  1. Best wishes for your birthday… and given your recent attraction to things bovine, from me to you… an extract from the Sesame Street song “A Cat Had a Birthday”.

    “A cow had a birthday and all the cows came
    To eat cow cake and play a cow game
    To open cow presents and when they were through
    They said “Happy Birthday” the way cows do

    And they said, “Moo, moo, moo”
    Everybody do it now, “Moo, moo, moo”
    Really nothing to it, “Moo, moo, moo”
    Well you just learned how to say “Happy Birthday” in cow”


    • I had to quickly search for this as I hadn’t heard it before. Thank you for that very moo-y birthday wish I am still smiling! 😀
      moo moo moo

  2. A very belated Happy Birthday. Sounds and looks like an entertaining day was had by all. I’m glad you haven’t lost your sense of fun. Just wait till you get to poor old ACFlory’s age. he he

  3. Oh Happy Birthday Metan! Why didn’t you tell us? Wait, I know why… you didn’t want to share those incredible cakes. 😦 And here I thought you were kind and generous and charitable and…. clearly no fool. 😉 So glad you had a great time!

    • To tell the truth I had almost forgotten my birthday was coming up until the week before! Of course then I harped upon it and tortured everyone, demanding diamonds and overseas trips for my present and dinner from that delicious Indian restaurant in Broken Hill….. No, it wasn’t long before they were totally over me 😉

      I did get a great present from the Man which I will be posting about shortly (hopefully) 😀

        • Yes there is. The Man is dreadful at remembering such things and often forgot in our early years. These days I just torture him for the week before with unreasonable birthday demands so now he has no excuse. All I really want is takeaway for dinner so I don’t have to cook or wash dishes! 🙂

    • The cakes were gone in the blink of an eye! As the birthday girl I had the power to mediate over the division of the Cookie Monster cakes. Two cakes, three desperate kids….. both cakes halved, one piece each and the extra for me 😉 Just as well because it was the only bit I got!

    • King? Your lawn would be covered in anti-monarchists having a shout. What about *drumroll please* Ultimate Controller… It doesn’t have a nice ring but it is quite clear what your leadership style will be 😉

      The boys had fun too, just wait until xmas! 😀

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