11 comments on “An embarrassing end. 1932.

    • An enlightened bullock! Thank you for the mental picture of you trapped, your feet behind your head, calling for Lady J to come and save you. She just laughed, didn’t she 😉

    • 🙂 It does seem like I have a thing against them at the moment, doesn’t it? I wasn’t even looking for a bullock story when I stumbled across this one but I just couldn’t help but post it!

  1. I was thinking the same as Sciencelens…. there’s a lot of bullocks channelling the stories of their demise through you… usually referred to as contented beasts, maybe more appropriately… complicated 🙂

    • I always thought of them as quiet creatures decorating the paddocks until I found these few articles. Clearly some of them led a life full of danger and excitement. Well, for a very short time, right at the end anyway…. 😉

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